A Weekend in Mokpo – Day 2 – Mokpo Natural History Museum

And the rain continued to pour.

After touring the National Maritime Museum for a bit, we decided to head over to the Mokpo Natural History Museum, which was thankfully right across the street. The museum is welcoming, and is clearly marked because of the random statues of animals on the premises. Also, their sign is marked in clear English. Unfortunately, we didn’t spend too much time there. The baby was kicking, and wanted to have a nap, so we decided to head out after about 45 minutes, so if I have missed something, my apologies in advanced.

Lonely Planet’s Description: This fabulous museums is aimed at children, with large dinosaur skeletons, live lizards and fish, and thousands of colorful but dead butterflies.

How to get there: Since the museum is located right across from the National Maritime Museum, we walked across the street. However, if you want to get there by taxi, just show the driver this: 목포 자연사 박물관 or point to page 221 in the Lonely Planet Korea. If you feel like trying your hand in hanguel; says “Mokpo Jayeunsa bakmulgwan”. Have fun with that. Since the history museum is right across from the bus station, and I’m lazy, I just copied and pasted the directions to the Maritime Museum and add cross the damn street!!

If you really want to save some trees and take public transportation this information courtesy ofhttp://www.visitkorea.or.kr should be useful: From Mokpo Train Station 1)Take bus No.1, Get off in front of Mokpo MBC Studio. 2) Transfer to bus No.7 Get off once inside Gatbayui Cultural center (Travel time, 35min.) Now walk across the street.

From Mokpo Bus Terminal: 1) Take bus No.6 or 14, get off in front of Yonghae-dong Geumho Apt. 2) Transfer to bus No.7 and get off once inside Gatbayui Cultural center (Travel time, 20min.) Walk across the street.

First Impressions: Korean museums continue to impress. As we walked over to the museum, we could see that this museum was geared towards children. Outside the museum are statues of animals and cartoon characters (I think I saw Pororo, that crazy penguin) Kids were running around and screaming that horrible blood curdling combination of madness and laughter. I looked at my wife’s stomach, knowing that will be my fate in the coming months. Alas, gentle reader, my mind wanders yet again. So the entrance was easy enough to find, we pay for a ticket, super cheap (3K) and drop out stuff off. We asked for a locker, but I don’t think they had any. However, the clerks were kind enough to keep our belongs behind their desks. Great service, and they tried to speak English, which was really appreciated.

Touring Around: We only walked around for about 45 minutes, but what we saw was very impressive. This would be a museum I would take my students or kid too because of the interaction, and the subject matter is just more interesting to a kid. They have life-sized replicas of animals and a huge dinosaur exhibit. We walked around for a bit and the wife started to slow down. After rest for a bit by the giant T-Rex display, we decided to head back to the hotel.

Who should go there: What I saw briefly of  the museum, I can’t think of too many people who wouldn’t want to go to the museum. Perhaps if you are a young, single traveler who’s interests are solely beer and the opposite sex. However, if it’s raining out and you need to occupy the kids for a couple of hours, and crave the air conditioning, the Natural History Museum should fit the bill.



Are you talking to me? Are you fucking talking to me?

Are you talking to me? Are you fucking talking to me?

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