An Unexpected Dessert – Mobssie – Hongdae

One of the greatest feelings when traveling is finding something new. Whether it is an attraction, a restaurant, a new bar or simply something that is unlike the culture from which you came. Although this blog is mainly about places in the Lonely Planet guidebook, hidden gems we find on the way are also part of the fun! We found Mobssie while search for Shims Tapas, and after we burned off some of the delicious tapas, we decided to head back for some cheesecake and coffee.


How to get there: To get to Mobssie is basically the same way to get to Shim’s Tapas, except that it is located across the street. Nevertheless, I shall restate the directions for you here.

Step 1: Exit through number 7. We had a pay a subway fee to enter into the line because it was connected to another line. Essentially, we had to pay double fair in order to get to exit 7. It was weird, but for the 1100W and the convenience, I would do it again. You’ll walk out of exit 7 and essentially see a bunch of open space. In the corner of this open space, you’ll see a little walkway, with walls painted as though we are in Berlin circa 1985. Head down that little walkway.

Step 2: Now walk straight down that alleyway and make a right. There is some construction there right now (August 2013), so you need to kind of stay to the right. There are some places to look for that will help you find you way down the right street including “Oui Cafe” which will be on your left. You will see a giant sign that screams, “Cheesecake” and a less noticeable sign that says, “Mobssie”. You had me at cheesecake.

Atmosphere and Service: The first thing I noticed about Mobssie is the openness of the cafe. It is huge, and the tables are spread apart. Unlike, Shim’s Tapas, which had a close knit, family feel to it, Mobssie feels more like a giant hotel, with each table acting as your own honeymoon suite. Now, I’m all for cozy settings, but alas, the Koreans are normally weary of my large frame, and choose to occupy a seat elsewhere. So for them, this would be great, but for me, I like the idea of a cozy, French cafe. The kitchen is attached to the dining room, so you can get a quick peak of the action if you want. They are very casual here. I walked around for a bit, check out the decor and talk to the server (his sister opened this cafe after a return trip from France). This is not the type of place that will wait on your every need, so you need to call them in order to receive another piece of cheesecake or another cup of Baileys cafe.


Food and Drink: Now for the main event. I’m a bit of a cheesecake slut, so I know my cheesecake. Alas, it is nearly impossible to find authentic cheesecake in this fine city, but the options are growing as the years continue to mount. Now, word of warning, the menu is in Korean and French, so unless you are a product of the Canadian education system, like yours truly, or you are a native French or Korea reader, the menu could pose some difficulty. Now, my lovely bi-lingual wife (Espanol and English) had no problems figuring out the dessert menu.

She ordered the Gateau au Fromage Avec Sorbet Citron (which in my bastardized translation is: Cheesecake with Lemon/Lime Sorbet), with a glass of water. I ordered the Moelleux Chaud Au Fromage Avec Fruits Rouges (Hot Cheesecake with Red Fruits), with a Cafe Double Au Lait Avec Bailey’s (Cafe Lait with Baileys) and a Double Expresso (Not going to translate this dumbass). Needless to say, I was pretty wired up after our excursion. Although the menu isn’t really diverse, there are enough items to keep you interested. There is an excellent wine menu, including sangria and Citronnade. Also, if you really have the cash to spend, there is a bottle of wine called “Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin” which costs 130000KRW. I’m not a wine snob, but if any of you out there know what this is, please comment and share the knowledge with our readers.

First came the cheesecake with lime sorbet. The sorbet was a refreshing treat in the muggy summer evening, and had a nice balance of sweet and sour. The cool cheesecake was good, but a little dry. The flavor, however, was all there and for only 6000KRW was great value. The quaintness of the restaurant, with the classical French music in playing in the background, and the sweet and sour taste of sorbet on my tongue, for a moment my mind left the ROK and was brief transported back to the French countryside.


My cafe lait with Baileys came next. I’m a Bailey’s junkie when it comes to coffee. Normally with the wife isn’t pregnant, this is how we wind down our weekends, with a nice Baileys. The coffee was great, the portion size was a bit small, but honestly, I’m wasn’t expect a cafe grande from Starbucks. It complimented the cheesecake and sorbet, as only good coffee can, but that hint of milk and Baileys gave the cake a creamy aftertaste that stuck with me.

Like two old friends, meeting again, picking up where they left off.

Like two old friends, meeting again, picking up where they left off.

One aspect of Mobssie is that patience is a virtue. They make their hot cheesecake fresh, so fresh in fact, you need to wait for it to cool on your table in order for the cheese to solidify. Now, I’m not a patient man, and the idea of cheesecake that is melting with cheese was too much. I waited for about a minute for it to cool dow, but then we started to dig in. If God is a chef, he/she must be French. The tartness of the melted cheese, combined with the sweetness of the fruits bounced the flavors around on my tongue like a French Open final. It was a playfulness of flavors, that danced in my mouth with each bite. I can’t recommend this dish enough. My wife was upset that she got the citron cheesecake (which was pretty good), but it didn’t even come to close to warm cheesecake. Our next visit is going to be in the winter, when this dessert will feel like a quilted blanket being tossed on your heart. Wash it down with a glass of wine, and kiss heaven.

The hot cheesecake with fruit is what Jesus should have had for dessert at the last supper.

The hot cheesecake with fruit is what Jesus should have had for dessert at the last supper.

After this culinary climax, I feel as though the double expresso is equivalent to credits rolling on the screen after its discovered that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. However, that said, the expresso was strong and flavorful, which I balanced out with some sugar. However, in hindsight, I wish I had a cigarette and a glass wine after the Chaud Formage avec Rouge Fruits. Here is a picture of said expresso.

Keep me up all night baby!

Keep me up all night baby!

Value: A nice little find in Hongdae. Would I go back for the warm cheesecake with fruit? Oui! The bill came to about 25000KRW, which is what you would expect to pay in an upscale cafe anywhere in the world. This is a great place, with an authentic French atmospheres and great desserts. The owner has said the place has only been around for a year. Now, I would get there soon, because it is going to be tough to get a seat at this cafe in the next few years. An excellent compliment to tapas, and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy a nice, authentic and fresh dessert with a glass of wine, or coffee, while pretending to be vacationing in French Rivieria.

Who should go to Mobssie: Chatting with some friends, impressing a date, or you just want to have a nice dessert with a glass of wine or coffee and read “The Count of Monte Cristo” then you should check out Mobssie.

Who Should avoid Mobssie: Bring the kidlets to Dunkin Donuts. This place would not appeal to them.


  1. Yeah I’ve paid double fare there too, just for misreading the exit no. and walking out of the wrong turnstile 😦

    1. I feel your pain. It’s pretty annoying. I can’t recall another station that does that. I’m just too lazy to take exit 8 and find my way to the place like a blind man through a jungle.

      1. I just feel the system should know better (than to charge). They should wonder why anyone would re-enter and leave again within 10 seconds!

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