Cupcakes and Creepy Dolls – A Visit to Cup Cake in Buamdong.

So the original plan was to thoroughly explore Gyungbokgung for about 3 or 4 hours before we headed out to Hongdae to continue our week in the city. However, after looking at the line, becoming depressed, we decided to head up to Buamdong to eat cupcakes instead. Inspired by follow Seoulite blogger Han K NGO (you can read her review here), we decided to forgo the heat and increase our chances of developing Type-2 diabetes.

How to get there: From Gyungbokgung station, depart from exit 3. Walk about 50 meters until you come across Kyochon Chicken on your right. There will be a bus stop there. Wait for either the 1020 or the 7212. Once you get on the bus, you will start to ascend the beautiful mountains and hills of Seoul for about 6 stops, and then get off at Buamdong Community Center. The Cup Cake is about 10 – 15 feet in front of the bus station on the right.



Atmosphere: Although I normally like cupcakes, I felt strange eating cupcakes in a room seemingly designed by a 7-year-old girl. There are dolls. Lots of dolls. Everywhere you turn, it seems as though the dolls are staring into your soul. My wife, on the other hand, felt a strong, overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. The cafe is small, and for two big Westerners, it felt as though we took up the whole cafe. Other people walked by and saw us in there, stared for a moment, and walked away, counting down the minutes until we left. However, less pessimistic people would probably find the cafe to be delightful and innocent, and honestly, it does have its charm.


Can’t you feel them looking into the darkest parts of your soul?




Just in case you are thinking of stealing the inflatable dinosaur head…. CCTV camera right there.

Food and Drink: My wife decided to order a cookie and cream cupcake, and I decided to try the chocolate mint cupcake. I had a bottle of apple and pear juice and my wife had water. The cupcakes were not that fresh. They had been refrigerated overnight. When I tried to cut into my cupcake, a huge solid chunk of icing fell off and the cake crumbled a bit. Now, my wife, waited for a bit to cut into hers, unlike her savage husband. The cut was smooth and soft, right through the heart of the cupcake. Both cakes were light and flavorful. The chocolate mint cupcake was a little richer, which is to be expected with the mint, compared to the cookies and cream. The icing was plentiful, but not overwhelming since it still left the flavor of the cake. Surprisingly, one of the best part of the meal was the drink. The Phoenix Organic Apple and Pear drink. The apple and pear complimented each other well, in the sense, the sweetness of the pear balanced out the tartness of the apple. Overall, the cakes and drink were great, and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the neighborhood looking for a quick, sweet dessert.



Cupcake butchered.


A delicate touch.


A really refreshing drink to cool down the system after a long, warm Autumn walk.


Ice cubes that are shaped like teddy bears… I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

Value: What can I say for value? 4500KRW for a homemade cupcake, made right in the cafe is a pretty good deal. Imagine the terrible food (McDonalds) we spend at least that amount of money on. The juice was 3000KRW, and it was really tasty and refreshing. It was a perfect drink for a warm Autumn day. We would definitely go back, next time at night after a long hike, and some dinner. I think it would be the perfect ending to an Autumn evening.

Who Should go to Cup Cake: Looking for a quick sweet treat? Check this place out. It would also be good for a guy to take a date to, to show his “sensitive side”. Also families, particularly those with girls who want to react their make-believe tea parties in real life.

Who Should avoid Cup Cake: Not the manliest of places… Also those with fears of dolls.


  1. We visited here too! I loved everything about it – cuteness overload!

    1. It was interesting! The cupcakes were solid! What did Cameron think? Did he get in touch with his inner 7-year-old girl?? 🙂

  2. Well he dropped my mint chocolate cupcake on the ground and got punished like his inner 7-year-old…. jk!

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