The Sam Hammington Food Tour in HBC Part 2 – The Hungry Dog and Phillies

After a nice brunch, we decided to head to Phillies first for a few beers and maybe some appetizers. Unfortunately, Phillies was still closed at 2pm, so we decided to head to The Hungry Dog instead for a couple of sliders, some milkshakes and a Coke. I discovered The Hungry Dog quite some time ago and it has always be an excellent spot to satisfy a pang in my stomach. Upon reading Hammington’s suggestions, it was quite surprising he didn’t mention this HBC gem.

Stop 2: The Hungry Dog


How to get there: It’s time for HBC direction time again! First head to Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 2. Walk down the hill, with the Yongsan Military Base on your left. Eventually you will see a fork in the road. Stay to the left on the side of the kimchi pots. Finally, walk up the hill for about 250 meters and The Hungry Dog will be on your right.

Atmosphere and Service: If you are a regular, I find that the service is exceptional. But, since I live an hour away, the service is usually subpar for my wife and I. It’s not as though they have been rude, but they have never been overly friendly either. The atmosphere is pretty chill. They make your food fresh while you wait, and if you get the right seats at the counter, you can watch your food being made. The open kitchen adds to the relaxed atmosphere by slow cooking your food. The Hungry Dog has a very simple layout. The counter is prime real estate because you can watch your food being made and banter with the staff if you are a regular. There are a few tables and chairs for your comfort as well. The yellow walls have a calming effect, and they bookshelves add to the homely atmosphere.


Food and Drink: 

We were all still pretty full from breakfast, but I decided to take one for the team and order the slider bacon cheeseburgers. My wife and PK had strawberry and peanut butter milkshakes.

Food: In the near future, I will come back to The Hungry Dog with some people so we can indulge properly into the vast array of culinary comfort foods, but for now, my only review will be the bacon cheeseburger sliders and fries. The menu of The Hungry Dog is fairly diverse. They serve a variety of food for breakfast, including pancakes, breakfast sandwiches and omelets. If lunch is what you are craving, they serve burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and quesadillas if you are feeling some Mexican. Personally, I would highly recommend their pulled pork sandwich. I’ve had it before and it is a sweet and juicy sandwich. Give it a try.

Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders (7500KRW): 

As PK said, “These are the cutest burgers I have ever seen.” They are delightful looking. They give the illusion that you aren’t stuffing your face full of cholesterol and fat, but at the same time, benefiting from the flavor. Two cheeseburgers, the size of your hand are presented to you with a strip of bacon and a slice of cheese. Although the burgers were well done, they retained their flavor and juices. The bacon was a fresh cut of pork, salted and cured, without being fatty. The fries were my only complaint. They were seasoned, which is nice, but they were a little soggy, and the quantity was minimal. Overall, a very delightful meal for 7500KRW.


“These are the cutest burgers I have ever seen.” – PK


Drink: Strawberry and Peanut Butter Milkshakes (4500KRW) (with a shot 5500KRW)

The Hungry Dog’s milkshakes bring all the pregnant women to the yard. My wife’s cravings have been very minimal throughout this pregnancy, but she really was hankering for a milkshake. The peanut butter milkshake is as close to an American milkshake that I’ve had in Korea. They use real peanut butter, and they are handmade. This is the perfect compliment to any meal, or as we found out, also makes an excellent dessert after brunch.


See what they did with the straws?? Ohh Hungry Dog you clever doll you.


Value: There is some solid value at The Hungry Dog. This is a nice alternative compared to the endless burger restaurants and pizza joints in HBC. I would recommend The Hungry Dog even more now that Indigo is no longer.

Who Should visit The Hungry Dog: A nice alternative to the parade of hamburger joints, pizzerias and pubs in HBC with a comfortable atmosphere. If you are on a budget, this place does provide some good food at a fair price.

Who Should avoid The Hungry Dog: Much like Indigo it is a little out of the way. There are tons of selections in Itaewon. Also, this is not the largest restaurant in the world, so some people might feel a little cramped.


Now that I am completely bloated and no longer able to consume any more food for the time being, we decided to hit up Phillies for some beers. Phillies is a popular spot in HBC, and it gets busier as the night goes on. It is an institution for the Canada Ball Hockey League (CBHK) and is known for playing NHL games on a  nightly basis.


I’ll be fair, I didn’t get a chance to really eat much of the food. Phillies deserves a proper review, and it will receive one in the near future. But until then, I’m going to give you Phillies at a glance.

Phillies at a glance:

Televisions on the wall, an open kitchen in the back, and a friendly waitress were the positives of this experience. Our motley crew ordered beer and more beer to sooth the stomach after The Hungry Dog. Phillies has local brews on tap, including brews from Craftworks and Magpie. I went with an old favorite the Geumgang Dark Ale from Craftworks and the rest of the crew ordered the Halla Mountain Golden Ale, also from Craftworks.


Did we get anything to eat? 

Yes, after three beers we decided to split some fries. I’m not going to sit here and give you an in-depth review on fries. They were good. They were seasoned and well cooked, but not burnt. A perfect appetizer to wash down with some fine brews.


When Should I go?

It depends what you want your experience to be like. In our case, we showed up right when they opened the door and we stayed until the early evening (7pm). At first, the atmosphere was quiet, except for some loud, fat Brit who knew nothing about soccer. But when people started to show up, things got lively. If you want to have a sit down and chat type of experience, head to Phillies early and enjoy a beer and a burger, but just pray that the loud, obnoxious Brit is out eating fish and chips or hooliganing the FC Seoul soccer club. However, if you want a lively atmosphere with some friendly people, I would definitely suggest waiting until later in the night.

Is there good value? 

The value is solid, especially if you are into craft beer. However, you can get other types of alcohol, including cheaper Korean beer if need be. The food is okay. I can’t really comment on it, but if the fries are an indication, than the food is acceptable for a pub. Next time I’m in HBC, I will go back and give a full review when my stomach is not about to break open.

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