Sweet cups of cake in Itaewon – Welcome to Sugar Daddy

The hunt for an excellent cupcake continues in Seoul. My first experience eating this delicious dessert in The Land of the Morning Calm was our visit to Cup Cake Shortcake. Unfortunately, the cakes were a little dry and the dolls staring at you with their dead eyes encapsulated in their soulless plastic caverns was unsettling. Sugar Daddy changes all that. It has a playful, almost childlike interior and atmosphere. The cakes aren’t bad at all either.

Sugar Daddy is Featured in Itawon Eats 2015! Download it for Sugar Daddy and 49 Other Itaewon Establishments.


Sugar Daddy Has Moved! Click Here for Updated Directions

How to get there: This place is really easy to find, once you know where you are going. By subway head to Itaewon station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 4. You are going to walk straight, almost the end of the main strip of Itaewon. Look for the McDonalds on your left. In that plaza, Sugar Daddy is right at the back.


Service and Atmosphere: A simple and colorful interior reminds us that cupcakes are suppose to be fun and playful. The interior was simple, with a  few round wooden tables and some simple chairs for relaxing and enjoying a cupcake and a beverage. Outside the patio is actually quite large for Korean standards, and would be a perfect place for a date in the spring or fall.You could easily imagine the hours slipping into infinity as you eat one cake after the other while sipping on a cool drink.

The kitchen is located in the bakery and is open for the public to see. Although I wasn’t there to watch them work their magic, their results speak volumes about their talents.

My main objective was to get a variety of cupcakes for my wife’s birthday. Also, I wanted to personalize them. The manager BoBae said that she could make personalize cakes as long as I called four days in advance. She spoke pretty good English and had patience as I was trying to explain what I wanted.


Food and Drink: I ordered a variety of cupcakes including Red Velvet, Nutella, Lemon and Mint Chocolate. The red velvet cupcake was absolutely breathtaking. It was so soft and moist, and the cream cheese icing was sweet, without taking away the flavor of the cheese. Absolutely enjoyed that cupcake and will be placing an order for the wife’s birthday. The Nutella was very rich. It had a Ferrero Rocher on the top, which might have been too much. This made the cupcake difficult to eat, and took away from the simplicity of the cupcake. That said, it was nice and rich like the red velvet, and had plenty of chocolate flavor to satisfy the sweet tooth of any chocoholic. The lemon cake was zesty but still retained the sweetness of the cake. Finally, the mint chocolate cake was a little too minty for my liking, but was still a very satisfying cupcake. There was a small selection of tea including Earl Grey, Mango, Passion Fruit and WildBerry teas. There was also a cooler full of assorted juices, sodas and bottled water.


Value: The cupcakes ranged from 4000KRW – 65000KRW, and if you are looking for an excellent cupcake, it is worth the money. The tea and beverages ranged from 4500KRW – 5500KRW, and is what you would expect to pay in a cafe such as this. For me personally, I would pay probably a little more for the cupcakes since a good cupcake, specifically moist, is hard to find in the ROK. However, some people might just prefer to save money and make their own.

Who should visit Sugar Daddy: Got a sweet tooth? Miss solid cupcakes from America fat boy? Check this place out.

Who should avoid Sugar Daddy: 5000KRW on average for a cupcake is pretty expensive. There are cheaper dessert options out there for the budget traveller, such as simply heading down the street to Ben’s cookies for an excellent cookie at approximately 3000KRW or just head to the 7/11 for a chocolate bar or ice cream for 1500KRW.

Contact Info: 

Phone: 02-792-6013 Email: sugardaddyseoul@gmail.com Address: Itaewon-dong 56-21, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Website: http://blog.naver.com/yumiham7


  1. Annie L. · · Reply

    The place is really cute – and I should agree way cuter than the creepy doll place I read about in your older post 😛 and Nutella and Mint Chocolate?…mMmm I’m heading straight here the next time I’m around the area! Thanks for sharing! Don’t forget to share your sweet customized cake with us hehe

    1. THanks for reading Annie! There is another cupcake place in Itaewon called “Life is Just a Cup of Cake”. I’m going to check that place out too when I get a chance.
      12 red velvet cupcakes will be ordered on Christmas Eve for my lovely misses 🙂

  2. Hello! I am currently sitting in the cafe enjoying myself a Red Velvet cupcake. This place is so cute and you were right, the cupcake is absolutely amazing! I even bought another one to go. Thanks for posting, I’m definitely coming back here again. 🙂

    1. Hi Candy! Glad you are enjoying your cupcake! Sugar Daddy is still my favorite place to grab a cupcake! Thanks for reading!

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