Yongsan Electronic Market and Around – Hunting for the PS4 in Seoul

Well, now that Christmas has come and gone, and the new year is upon us, it’s time to reflect on our gifts this holiday season! If you didn’t get what you want, and have a little extra Christmas money hanging around, it might be time to invest in the next generation of gaming consoles. I’m talking about the PS4!


Editor’s Note: Apparently the XBOX 1 is not available in Korea just yet; at least not at the places I ventured too.

Stop 1 – Yongsan Electronics Market (sigh)


If you read my last article about searching for GTAV, you’ve probably guessed I’m not a huge fan of Yongsan Electronic Market. Why? Because it is a giant ripoff to foreigners, but unfortunately for many, it’s the only place foreigners know to satisfy their gaming needs. But in fairness to the article, I decided to head down there and see what price I could get on the PS4. They do have an fair amount of PS4s available, so if you are in desperate need and want to play, you are going to have to shell out an eye watering 650,000KRW or 615.00USD as of Jan 5th, 2014. Let’s put this in perspective. In the USA it is $399.99USD. In Canada, it is also $399.99CAD. In England it is 349.00 Pounds. How the hell do they justify that price? Bah! Ignore this madness and move on.

Stop 2 – Video Game Alley (Behind the Yongsan Electronic Market) 


Now we are talking some business. The first stall that I went to already had the priced dropped to 600,000KRW without a camera. If I wanted a camera it was going to cost 680,000KRW. The deal includes the console and one controller. Remember the days when you would at least get a game after shelling out over 600 bucks for a console? Ahh, the Duck Hunt and Super Mario combo disk really pulls at my heartstrings.


However I wasn’t satisfied and decided to keep looking for a lower price. What do you know? I found it! A few stalls down, and after getting the same standard price, a nice, young man whispered “Do you need a cheaper price?”. Yes. Yes I do. He said he could get me the PS4 for 550,000KRW. Not a bad price. I am always willing to pay a little more for good service, and this guy’s service was excellent, as was his English. That said, I still wanted to keep exploring to see if I could get a lower price. If you are in the Yongsan area, the name of his company is called “IU Play”. His info from his card is below and I would highly recommend going with this guy. I brought a couple of games off him (FIFA 2014 and Gran Turismo 6) and so far, both games are running flawlessly.


Stop 3 – Toy’s R Us (Cheongnyangni Station – Line 1) 


Well, the multinational toy chain has saved our asses again. Jill went to the Toys R Us and found the PS4 for a reasonable 498,000KRW. However they are sold out as of this writing. That said, it probably the best bet to buy a PS4 in Korea and when they get more stock, it is the place I will go. Now, keep in mind that there is a good possibility that the people will NOT speak English. So if there is a problem, you better bring along a good Korean friend!


  1. Wow, the alleys are so familiar! 🙂

  2. I think it is because they all look alike 🙂

  3. Thanks for the post! Am also on the PS4 hunt (retail price if possible). Any progress?

    1. Get to a Toys R Us if you can. They have some for the cheapest. But if not, there is still a good amount down in video game alley, which is right behind the Yongsan Electronic Market. Good luck Lloyd!

      1. Called a bunch of Toys R Us branches and they were all empty. I’ll try that place in Yongsan though! Let us know if you have any more success. I’ll keep an eye on this page/ blog 🙂

      2. Hi Lloyd!
        Don’t waste your time going to the Electronic Market. It is a huge ripoff. Head to the place behind it. I did a review on it while I was searching for some games. There are directions in the post. Good luck my friend!


  4. Ian Doherty · · Reply

    Hi man, I’m also deeply engrained in the hunt for a PS4. I’m quite lucky in that Cheongju has a family-owned Playstation store with a reasonable 490,000 Won the price. I’m just wondering about the games themselves: are all PS4 games coming equipped with an English language option or will that vary game to game? Just wondering if you have any information there!. Cheers.

    1. The games in video game alley and the Yongsan Electronic Market are all English speaking games. I’m not so sure about Cheongju (I’ve never ventured down to that neck of the woods.) But if you can get the PS4 for that price, I would take it in a heart beat. Also, check out Craigslist for some cheap games. I’ve never personally had a problem, and they can mail it to you cheap in Cheongu. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting and reading! If you ned any more details, shoot me an email!

  5. cardamone5 · · Reply

    Visiting from Holistic Wayfarer’s site, where you liked a post on race featuring me. Thanks.

    Best regards,

  6. hi, good day! great post… any updates with regards to the price of PS4? does the price already drop? i’m planning to buy 1… thanks!

    1. Hi Owen!
      I haven’t been out three in awhile. I will go though in the next couple of weeks and write an update. My guess though is that the price has remained the same.

  7. I bought a PS4 in Technomart (Sindorim) for what I thought was a pretty good deal in late May.
    No hassle and no haggling for 475,000Won for the Fifa ’14 Bundle.
    To be more specific it was on the video game floor way in the back. There’s this one store that’s by the back escalators who is selling it for way cheaper than the other total scammers towards the front.

    He told me 450,000 for just the original PS4 console, or 475,000 for the Fifa Bundle.

    Hope this helps

    1. Excellent find! Thanks Paul for the tip!

  8. […] was reading this blog post recently when I was researching where to find a PS4 for the best price in Korea. Despite the […]

  9. Hey thank you for liking my post 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your posts soon!

  10. hi guys, went to yongsan last week, PS4 price now drop to 430,000 won… i’m just waiting for the release of nba2k15…

    1. Nice! Thanks Owen! I’m heading up there in a few weeks to get my phone fixed. I’ll get an updated price.

  11. Anyone can update the price for PS4? Im planning to get it as a Xmas gift for my boyfriend.

    1. 397,000krw at the gamers alley! You’re a good girlfriend!

  12. Chris Burn · · Reply

    Small point but £349 is actually pretty close to 600,000krw. Highlights how ripped off brits are compared to other countries.

    Deals on gmarket are often pretty affordable or other online stores if your Korean is good.

    IU play guy is great, i agree. He matches any price I might have found at other sellers without hassle

    1. Thanks for the clarification Chris!
      I do like the IU guy, I’ve dealt with him a couple of times and he’s always given me a good deal.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  13. hi guys, any update regarding the price of ps4, planning to get one this weekend… thanks!!!

    1. I havent checked lately but i saw one at game alley for 479,000krw

  14. Preest · · Reply

    Hey mate, I am looking to pic up a cheap/used ps4 controller? Does Yongsan have what I’m looking for? Don’t want to pay 70,000 for a new one just to play beat em ups with my buddies! Cheers

    1. I would head to video game alley behind the market. It’s got a bunch of used and hidden treasures. That’s your best bet.

  15. hello there, I am looking to pick up a cheap/used ps4 controller as I only have one at the moment. Does either Yongsan Market or the video game alley have controllers at a reasonable price?

    So far everywhere that I have checked has them around 70,000 won!

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    1. 70,000 is insane. I would hunt around video game alley and don’t be afraid to do a little negotiating. I bought 2 controllers for 75,000₩ (PS3) a couple of years ago. Another option is to browse Craig’s List. People come and go from Korea all the time and want to sell. Hope this helps! 👍

      1. preestnz · ·

        Thanks mate, will check out this week!

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