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N Seoul Tower – Love Is In The Air Up There

N Seoul Tower has a special meaning for my wife and I. We were actually suppose to go there on our second, but the weather was too crappy, so we decided to say inside and watch bootlegged copies of movies (4 for 10000KRW. NICEUH!!) Five years later to the day, after marriage and a child, […]

Chef D.Garrett Edwards – The Insecure Chef from Tartine’s Bakery in Itaewon.

So awhile back, the great Han K wrote a very underwhelming review of Tartine’s brunch in Itaewon. At about the same time Mark from Mastication Monologues wrote an average, if not underwhelming review. I decided to reblog Han’s review, as I felt that it was something that people needed to see, and hopefully would also […]

Left Coast Artisan Burgers Revisited – Still Chillin.. Still Serving Up Great Burgers

My last review of Left Coast Artisan Burgers, which from hereby will be referred to LCA, was a great experience. However, they had only been open a month. I find that restaurants that have only been open for a month tend to put forth their best efforts to give a good first impression to their […]

North Korea Revisited: Day 8 – Rason, 3 Border Viewing Point, Wonjong, Yanji

Originally posted on Abandoned Kansai:
My last day in North Korea started with another unpleasant experience. Since I was early at the bus in front of the Pipha Hotel, I used the waiting time to walk 30 meters down the driveway and take a picture of the carved in stone hotel sign. I kept in…

Vatos Urban Tacos – Korean-Mexican Fusion of the Gods

The idea of kimchi, tacos and french fries tends to either inspire intrigue or disgust when pitched to culinary aficionados. However, since the explosion of Korean and Mexican fusion in the Southern California food truck scene, the craze naturally made its way over the Pacific and into the heart of Korea. Vatos is a Seoul […]

Burn Baby Burn – Burn In Gyeongridan is a Relaxing, Classy Joint with a 1940’s Gangster Feel

There is nothing like a nice cigar and a good drink to wind down the evening, or to catch up with an old friend. In this case, my old man fresh off the plane and eager to have a drink and a smoke, I decided that burn would be the perfect place to reminisce about […]

North Korea Revisited: Day 6 – Rason

Originally posted on Abandoned Kansai:
The first full day in Rason was packed with tons of program. After breakfast in a separate building (once an exclusive retreat for party members, on some maps marked as “DPRK Leadership Complex”) we headed down the bouncy mountain road to downtown Rajin and paid respect to the Kims. Despite…

North Korea Revisited: Day 7 – Rason

Originally posted on Abandoned Kansai:
Rason being surrounded by mountains and me being an avid hiker, I asked Mr. Kim (not comrade Kim, we were not in North Hamgyong anymore!) on Saturday if hiking was a popular hobby in the DPRK – he said no, and his answer wasn’t a surprise. When you have to…

Rye Post Gourmet Sandwiches in Itaewon – Sandwich of Champions

If there is one qualm I have with Seoul is that it can be very difficult to find  a good sandwich, which is ironic because this country seems to have an over saturation of cafes, sandwich and coffee shops. Unfortunately, most of these establishments’ idea of a sandwich is an uninspiring, artificial, spongy atrocity, and […]

Gwanghwamun Square – King Sejong and Admiral Yi Guarding the Good Folks of Korea While The Kids Cool Off

No trip to Seoul is complete without a trip to Gwanghwamun Square in the heart of the city. Not only are there two amazing statues with an underground exhibit, but in the summer they offer a nice cool place for the kidlets with water fountains to play in. For big boys and girls there always […]