Rye Post Gourmet Sandwiches in Itaewon – Sandwich of Champions

If there is one qualm I have with Seoul is that it can be very difficult to find  a good sandwich, which is ironic because this country seems to have an over saturation of cafes, sandwich and coffee shops. Unfortunately, most of these establishments’ idea of a sandwich is an uninspiring, artificial, spongy atrocity, and that’s just the bread. However, there are a few places that use quality ingredients and fresh bread. Thankfully, Rye Post has come to the rescue.


How to get there: Rye Post moved their location to on the main strip of Itaewon! Please click here for update directions and menu items!


Atmosphere and Service: Rye Post is a quant little restaurant without any gimmicks or frills. It has a simple decor, with a few tables to enjoy a quick bite to eat. There is a patio outside for the warmer months. The service was quick. We received our drinks within a matter of minutes and our sandwiches soon followed. Both employees spoke great English, which is the norm for Itaewon, but was especially appreciated by my father who hasn’t developed his Konglish yet.

Food and Drink: Today we ordered a Bacon Avocado sandwich and a Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich with two beers (Sam Adams and Saigon).

Bacon Avocado Sandwich (7800KRW): This was my father’s first attempt at a food review and I think he did pretty well. He said he really liked the freshness of the bread that melted in your mouth. The bacon was plentiful, and the avocado was not overwhelming. The sandwiches were constructed nicely. The chive mayo was creamy, but did not run off the side. The vegetables were fresh and everything blended together nicely. The side order of chips was a little small, but were still satisfactory.


Vietnamese Bahn Mi (7800KRW): Many years ago, when I was a humble university student, I lived off Vietnamese sandwiches by my part time job. The lady was a crusty, old Vietnamese woman, who never smiled and had a sullen glare. However, she made some of the best sandwiches for an unhealthily low price (5 sandwiches = 10 bucks) She is located on King Street in Kitchener Ontario across from the Kitchener market if you are interested my Canadian readers. Okay, back to the point at hand. This sandwich dominated those crusty buns from Canada and the reason was simple: the meat. The pork they used is nicely seasoned with some great flavor. The cilantro added a fresh, almost citrus taste to the pork and the pickled veggies and cucumber balanced this flavor nicely. I was skeptical and took a risk ordering this sandwich, but it did not disappoint.


Sam Adams (8000KRW) and Saigon (6500KRW): The Sam Adams went nice with the sandwich, but in hindsight, I wish I ordered the Saigon with my Vietnamese Bahn Mi. The light, crispy Saigon would have really complimented the sandwich well and would be a great combination for when the days of Seoul become unbearably hot and sticky like a warm Saigon night.


Value: The total bill came to 30,100KRW, but she only charged me 30,000KRW. 100KRW closer to retirement. Overall, there is some exceptional value here. If you choose to shy away from the beer, you can easily have a great lunch for under 10,000KRW. That said, my only complaint was that the lack of chips they give you. A bag or at least enough chips to line my plate would be great guys.

Who Should Visit Rye Post: People looking for a great value for lunch. Single travelers on a budget should check this place out. The sandwich kept me full for the entire afternoon. If you don’t want to spend the money on the beer in the restaurant, I would take it to go and grab a beer at GS25 to save a little more cash.

Who Should Avoid Rye Post: I don’t know if I would bring the kids there, or at least, I would get my sandwiches to go and find a place for them to run around. It’s a pretty tight spot, and honestly none of the sandwiches look really “kid friendly”.




  1. Looking solid. The Banh Mi (not Bahn 😛 Bahn is too German lol) doesn’t look authentic (the baguette seems softer and quite dense), but I’d pick this type of baguette any day.

    Saigon beer… wow so expensive……..

    Friendly advice: don’t eat Vietnamese food in Korea. You can use that money to travel to VN and eat the real thing 😛 But then it applies to all other Southeast Asian countries.

    1. I will take that advice to heart! Vietnam is high on the list 🙂 Thanks for reading LCM!

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