Chef D.Garrett Edwards – The Insecure Chef from Tartine’s Bakery in Itaewon.

So awhile back, the great Han K wrote a very underwhelming review of Tartine’s brunch in Itaewon. At about the same time Mark from Mastication Monologues wrote an average, if not underwhelming review. I decided to reblog Han’s review, as I felt that it was something that people needed to see, and hopefully would also result in some feedback for the owners of the Tartine. Unfortunately, instead of taking some honest feedback, the owner D. Garrett Edwards decided to write a sarcastic response to a comment I posted on Mastication Monologues. Reeks of confidence, doesn’t it?


For the record, I have never written anything negatively about Tartine, however, I did mention that their pies are overpriced.

Okay, now here was his response to my comment on MM. There are several discrepancies I would like to point out.

Love TARETINE? You must not be speaking of TARTINE Itaewon, because on October 31, 2013 you wrote:


Noone passes by Tartine without pausing for a little while and taking a brief moment to just stand there and admire the gorgeous little pies stored on the glass shelves inside the bakery shop. It doesn’t help either that the shops themselves are so visually pleasing with the bright yellow painted exterior and the cozy look derived from the lights inside. As I am always in a constant dire need of sweet treats, needless to say the sudden encounter with Tartine left me reeling with joy. Unfortunately, the trip to Tartine had to make me lie down and think about the decisions I’d made. Tartine was nothing but a disappointment.
End Quote 

Of course, if you have a complaint, it is always best to contact the owner as a kindness so that they can provide you with the satisfaction you deserve. We can not always live up to everyone’s expectations, but we never want to profit on someone being unhappy with our service or products. While some of your comments are subjective and we respect them, some are just not true…

If anyone has to take out a second mortgage so that they can enjoy our baked items, I would ask then to contact me directly we are always happy to support those who are experiencing financial hardships.

Chef D. Garrett Edwards
Director of Kitchens / Owner
Tartine Korea

1) First and foremost, I didn’t write anything that you quoted. I re-blogged it from a respectable travel blog.

2) Welcome to the age of social media and the Internet. Maybe you have heard of these companies: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram? They allow you to share your experiences with the world. In fact, since you are on WordPress, you might be familiar with the role of social media. I choose to share my experiences, and the experiences of fellow bloggers whom I trust to provide feedback either negative or positive Mr. Edwards. But what is really disturbing is that you cannot accept an ounce of criticism, or maybe you are just unfamiliar with analogies. Maybe both? It screams insecurity. I’m sorry that you are so insecure that you have to sit down during your business hours, Googling your business and scanning over the numerous blogs about your overpriced bakery. Wouldn’t your time be spent better teaching your chefs, or maybe going back to culinary school yourself and figuring out how to make a pancake instead of scouring the Internet for negative feedback and then writing out long comments defending your overpriced, mediocre baked goods?

3) I would love for you to help the average person enjoy your pies for the actual price they are worth. Despite your assumption, I do not monetize nor will I ever monetize from this blog. As a travel blogger, I have integrity and would never allow any advertisements on my blog (despite a high traffic rate) because I want to give my readers the best and most honest reviews possible. Maybe you could lower your prices? But I think taking advantage of expats and the locals whom are willingly to pay your price, not out of quality, but rather of convenience suits you. Right there shows your integrity Mr. Edwards, charging people triple the amount for a dessert that they could get back home for a fraction of the price (and better quality at that).

Your mommy would have been so proud when she bought that beat up old cookbook back in 1959 for you to know that you turned out to be such a classy and talented chef and entrepreneur. A fine day to you sir.


  1. He’s so bitter and sarcastic in his reply! Totally agree with you. I think he still doesn’t understand the concept of social media… Now after reading this, they surely lost one more customer.

    1. More and more people I talk to are avoiding this place like the plague. Their desserts are fine, but they are not worth 40 bucks. From what I’ve read their brunches are average at best. People are starting to figure this out, and he needs to realize he is no longer living in the Itaewon of 10 years ago, where his bakery was the only one in town. There are tons of dessert places in town that are a better value.

  2. Han K Ngo · · Reply

    If he’d really cared for customer’s satisfaction he would have realised it was me who wrote the review and hence directed his venom of a comment to me instead. Moreover why should we pay hell of a price for his desserts and then give him tips of how to run a business? Rude.

    You were gr8910 tho! Bacon looking like a dog treat #neverforget

  3. Hey, Derek! Great post, and I originally thought he was coming after me when he wrote that comment. However, I totally agree with you in terms of him being petty over the whole thing. They have quality products, but welcome to the world of free speech. Keep up the good posts! I got a bunch coming up, so keep your eyes peeled.

    1. If you have enough time to scour the Internet for comments about your bakery, you have too much time on your hands. Thanks Mark for reading! Looking forward to more MM! 🙂

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