Yeouido Park in the Spring – Cherry Blossoms and Serenity in the Heart of the FInancial District

Yeouido Park. Once an airstrip in the middle of the city, it was transformed into the iconic park back in 1999. Now Yeouido Park is famous for their cherry blossom festival in the center of the city during the month of April. It is not uncommon to see businessmen in Armani shooting hoops during lunch, or a famous face from the neighboring SBS television station or the National Assembly. It truly is a small breath of fresh air in the middle of the city.


How to get there: The easiest way to get there is to take the subway to Yeouido Station (Line 5) and depart from Exits 1, 2 or 3. We choose lucky exit number two. You will walk about 3 – 4 minutes and will see the massive park in the distance. You really can’t miss it.


What to do there: This isn’t a place that will dazzle you with fancy lights, exciting rides and a plethora of generic chain restaurants to satisfy the growling in your stomach. What Yeouido Park is a sanctuary amongst the tumultuous environment of the city. The screams of stock brokers, the perpetual and childish name calling in parliament and the flashes of the camera from SBS suddenly stop; in that moment, when you close your eyes, the smells of the cherry blossoms flow down your nostrils and into your lungs and there is an ever so slight moment of peace. Zen-like isn’t it? That said, if your kids get bored, there is some basketball hoops and a children’s playground for them to burn off some steam.



Always filming..

Food and Drink Around Yeouido Park: Not too much to drink actually in the park, but there are plenty of places to check out nearby including Brioche Doree. However, if you don’t want to make the walk, there is a GS25 and some street vendors, including a really cute lemonade truck that we passed and ordered a beverage!



This is said cute lemonade truck.

Who Should Visit Yeouido Park: Yeouido Park is a great place to bring a blanket, stretch out and just enjoy the cherry blossoms. It is a quiet park, great for chatting over a bottle of wine and a few goodies from Brioche Doree. This is definitely a great date spot for all you young love birds.

Who Should Avoid Yeouido Park: The playground for the kiddos is pretty small. They might get bored pretty easily. If you are looking for a place that has rides and will keep the kids entertained for longer than 20 minutes, you might want to check out Lotte World or Everland.


  1. Next time we visit South Korea I want to come when the cherry blossoms r in bloom! It looks beautiful!

  2. Jessie · · Reply

    I will be in Seoul 18 April. What are my chances of still catching the cherry blossoms at Yeouido Park?

    1. It’s going to be pretty slim. Most of the cherry blossoms are starting to disappear, but that said, I’ve seen some blossoms grow later and stick around until May. Yeouido is your best bet to find those! Have a great trip!

      1. Thanks! Think they are all gone by now.

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