Good To Go in Haebangchon – AKA Indigo’s Replacement

Update: Good to Go is now Fat Cat.

Although I don’t live in Haebangchon, I go down there enough to understand that the people in the neighborhood loved Indigo’s. Coupled with that fact that according to the rumor, the owner wanted to change it up and broke their lease, it’s going to be tough for Good To Go to get some traction in that neighborhood, especially with the harden, often jaded, expat population. That said, all bias aside, I had a  pretty good experience at Good To Go.


How to get there: Who would have thought Noksapyeong Station would get this much attention? Head to that station by the army base (Noksapyeong, Line 6) and depart from good old exit 2. Walk down the hill, humming God Bless America, and when you approach the fork in the road, stay to the left and walk passed the kimchi pots. Good To Go is about 250 meters up the hill on your right.

Atmosphere and Service: Gone is the artwork that hung on the wall, and the beat-up chairs and tables. In its place is a contemporary, clean establishment complete with polished wooden shelves that hold flowers and boxes of tea like those found at your grandma’s house circa your childhood. The glass still has baked goods, but it is not as diverse and colorful as Indigos. The service was great. The server at the counter was friendly, spoke some good English and we received our meals quickly.


Food and Drink: Today CY and I ordered a Roast Beef Sandwich, a Turkey Sandwich, a Garden Salad, three Red Velvet Cupcakes, a Cafe Americano (Black coffee for the Westerners), a Coke and a Caramel Latte.

Roast Beef Sandwich (8,500KRW): CY ordered the roast beef sandwich. The following review is his. Although it is brief, it is quite telling. Hmm. Not too much to say about a roast beef sandwich. Everything tasted quite fresh and it was tasty. Beyond that, words, tragically, fail me.


Roast Turkey (8,000KRW): I ordered the roast turkey sandwich on a baguette. The first thing that stood out was the bread. It was soft, but a little chewy. That said, it tasted pretty fresh. The turkey was okay. I would have preferred a little more turkey, especially considering I’m spending 8,000KRW on a sandwich. The lettuce was crispy and fresh, and as per usual, the tomatoes were tossed to the side. The mayo was quite nice and spread proportionately. I find that some places drench their sandwiches in condiments. This wasn’t the case at Good To Go and actually helped the overall taste of the sandwich by letting the other flavors work together.


Garden Salad (5,000KRW): I ordered the garden salad on the side with Greek dressing. The lettuce was a little dry, but the olives were actually quite plump and juicy. I’m glad I ordered the Greek dressing. It complimented the salad nicely. However, the portion was small, and I was hoping for a little more dressing with my salad. The Parmesan cheese on top was a nice touch. Overall, it was a good salad for 5,000KRW.


Red Velvet Cupcake (2,500KRW x 3): If you are going to advertise yourself as a bakery, you need to start by making some good cupcakes. I wasn’t too impressed with the cupcakes here. In my opinion, a good cupcake should be soft, fluffy and have a substantial amount of icing. Now, in the case of Good To Go’s cupcakes, they failed on two of the three aspects. The cake portion was hard and dense, and although there was enough icing it was a little bland, with no taste of cream cheese which is key to the red velvet. Want an example of a good cupcake? Check out Sugar Daddy.


Drinks: Cokes are good. Coffee is good. Caramel Lattes are gooooood.

Value: The total bill came to 37,000KRW. There is a little bit of value here. The food was okay and if I was in the neighborhood and Casablanca was closed, I would probably check back in for a sandwich. My advice to Good To Go is to set yourself apart some how. These delis and cafes are so ubiquitous in Seoul right now that it might be difficult to set yourself apart from the competition. That said, it was a good dining experience, and I wouldn’t advise anyone to avoid it.

Who Should Visit Good To Go: They sell Jamaican Patties to go! That’s kind of cool.

Who Should Avoid Good To Go: Cupcake aficionados everywhere.

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