Swi:t B Ice Cream in Gyeongridan – A Playful, Colorful and Delicious Ice Cream Wonderland

Update: Closed or relocated. I miss that funky cloud machine when I was eating my delicious treats. 

After an amazing lunch at Don Charly, we decided to grab something cool and sweet for dessert. We were actually going to head to Itaewon, but when we saw the Swi:t B sign, our lust for soft cream engulfed our stomachs and we decided to park there for an afternoon treat. We didn’t think that we would go on a psychedelic dairy journey, but we did. Image

How to get there: Gyeongridan is a pretty easy place to get to. Just take the subway to Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 2. Walk down the hill with the army base on your left and take either the underpass or the bridge to the other side of the street. If you take the bridge, once you decent from it keep walking straight passed Don Charly and Craftworks until you get to the intersection. Cross the intersection and Swi:t B is about 50 meters ahead on your left. If you take the underpass, make two rights while you are underneath. Once you ascend from the other side, keep walking straight for about 50 meters and you will see Swi:t B on your left.


Atmosphere and Service: As you walk into Swi:t B, your inner child will start to poke and prod its way out of your heart. The colors explode off the walls like a unicorn farting a rainbow. Standing in the shop for a minute, you wonder where this place was when you were a child. Clouds float on the walls, robot cups stand at attention on the selves and a rainbow flavor of ice cream meets your eye as you walk up to the counter. If you are lucky, the server will turn on the cloud machine. I believe it’s actually a dry ice machine. The server turned it on when we were there, and sweet smelling cloud emerged from the floor, ascending all around us. The girls in the parlor with us (me included) screamed in delight. The service was great. The server spoke great English and made our ice cream efficiently.


Food and Drink: Today we ordered two ice cream cones: a honey cone and a cookie cone.

Small Cookie Ice Cream with White Chocolate Cone (4,800KRW + 500KRW = 5,300KRW):  The cookie cone resembles more of a chocolate cone. The vanilla soft cream was topped generously with chocolate sauce and was easy to eat. There was no dripping and it was clear the server knew how to make a proper ice cream cone. The white chocolate dipped cone complimented the ice cream nicely. It was like having a bonus treat after you’ve finished off the chocolate sauce.


Small Honey Ice Cream Cone with A White Chocolate Cone (4,800KRW + 500KRW = 5,300KRW): Jill ordered the honey flavored ice cream with a white chocolate cone. The honey was drizzled neatly around the vanilla ice cream like liquid rivers of gold. I appreciate this attention to detail because I find that when an ice cream parlor overcompensates with toppings, instead of letting the natural flavors of the vanilla ice cream to work its magic, it can often lead to an unappetizing experience. The natural sweetness of the honey worked well with the vanilla ice cream. The white chocolate cone once again complimented the honey toppings.


Value: The whole bill came to 10,600KRW for both ice creams with white chocolate cones. Swi:t B is a great place for a fun dessert on a warm summer night. I would wholeheartedly recommend this place. Considering that we were going to originally going to go for crepes in Itaewon, I’m glad we chose a cheaper, yet satisfying alternative.

Who Should Visit Swi:t B: This would be a great place to take the kids for a treat on a warm summer afternoon. Also, a cute place for a date after some dinner in Gyeongnidan.

Who Should Avoid Swi:B: People who are lactose intolerant will be in the bathroom for a long, long time.

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