Sokcho Beach – Relaxing Waves, Sexy Mermaids and Machine Guns

Sokcho Beach in early May. I thought for a bit that I could have gone into the water. I was wrong. Put my toes in the water for all of 30 seconds and ran back to the sand like a little girl. The machine guns on the beach to deter North Korean refugees add to the serene and calm presence. Cant wait to go back in the summer to this quant Korean seaside city.



  1. I just rented out a place yesterday to celebrate my birthday in Sokcho at the end of July! Is the beach decent? And what’s the best way to get there/ how much is the roundtrip cost?

    1. Hey! Yes! I really enjoyed getting out of the city. The beach was really nice. It’s not as glamorous at Haeundae, but it is still a nice, quiet beach. The mountains of Seorak are amazing too.
      We took the bus. It was approximately 17,500KRW each way, so it will set you back about 35,000KRW! Have a great trip birthday buddy!! (July 2)

      1. Awesome, that’s good to hear. Well, happy early birthday!! 😀

  2. We often head out there and have fun with the change of scenery.

    1. There is something refreshing about getting out of the city and dipping your toes in the ocean. Being in the city for a year, it was a soul-refreshing trip.

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