Chocolate Con Churros – The Dessert Fad Sweeping the ROK

Ahh the Churro. The newest dessert trend in Korea has cafes, stands and trucks popping up all around Seoul. As we walked down the street after brunch at Hansung University, we noticed a new churro cafe near the other Western restaurants and cafes. Since we always have room for dessert, we decided to stop in for a sweet treat.


How to get there: A little out of place tucked into the crevasses of Hansung University, it was still easy to find with it’s giant pink exterior sticking out in a dull and lifeless street. The easiest way to get there is to take the subway to Hansung University Station (Line 4) and depart from Exit 6. Walk to the bus stop and get on bus 2112 or 1111. It is four stops later. Keep an out for the big pink cafe, you can’t miss it. It will be on your left.


Atmosphere and Service: The service was friendly enough and the atmosphere was relaxing. The server allowed us to photograph her making the churros. It was a nice gesture that we really appreciated. She had a nice smile as well and served us as quickly as possible. Pictures on the wall range from French newspaper articles to portraits of the Queen of England. It was just after lunch and basically we had the whole place to ourselves. On that note, if you choose to come during peak hours, there might not be much space for you and your companions.


Food and Drink: Today we ordered the ChoChu Set Plain and the ChoChu Set Cinnamon Sugar. Each set included a large churro and a Spanish choco latte. What is a chocolate con churro? How is it different than a regular churro? Let’s begin with what a churro is for those who are in the dark. A churro is basically a Spanish donut. It is deep-fried Spanish donut, but instead of it being round, it is knotted or straight. A normal churro can be found drizzled in chocolate, sprinkled with sugar or spice, or simply just plain. A chocolate con churro is dipped in hot chocolate or a Spanish choco latte. Today, we experienced both.

The churros were not as heavy as I anticipated and did not leave that lump in your stomach which is common with donuts or other deep-fried pastries. The choco latte was very rich. Jill didn’t even finish it because the flavor of the choco was overwhelming the churros. I finished mine because I’m a chocolate slut. The churros is a casual and almost playful dessert. It was fun ripping off chunks of churros, relaxing with some great conversation and dipping them into the choco latte. One could easily see their afternoon slip away.


Value: ChoChu Set Plain was 7,500KRW and the Cinnamon Sugar ChoChu Set was 8,000KRW. An expensive but delightful dessert. My wife spent a summer in Spain and eating churros for breakfast over coffee or choco latte always brings back great memories for her. The value is there if you are looking to experience a unique and trendy dessert in a relaxing atmosphere.

Who Should Visit Chocolate Con Churros: Want to get in on the latest dessert fad in Korea. Get on board!

Who Should Avoid Chocolate Con Churros: Got diabetes? Stay away from the choco latte friend. A little short on cash and want a deep-fried pastry? Lots of Dunkin Donuts kicking around.




  1. I’ve seen a place in Itaewon too down off the main strip.

    1. Yeah! That’s the churro place in Gyeongidan I think you are referring to. It’s pretty good too! I’ve seen a churro truck in Jamsil and Yeouido. They are really popping up everywhere. Reminds me of the waffle craze back in 2010 when I first arrived.. *sniff* memories.

      1. Haha! Waffles! Have you seen that newer waffle like thing it’s longer but looks like a waffle. I keep seeing these little stands popping up now. Topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. 100% healthy.

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