Good Morning Vietnam – A Calming Bowl of Pho in Nowon

Jill and I were getting sick of the Korean, American and Italian scenes, so we decided to head up to an old favorite in Nowon. Now, Nowon is not exactly known for its culinary scene, but there have been a couple of places popping up here and there which gives it a little variety. One of those restaurants is a Nowon staple and is well known amongst the expat community. I am speaking of Good Morning Vietnam.


How to get there: This is one of the easiest places you will ever find. Take the subway to Nowon Station (Line 7 and Line 4) and depart from Exit 8. Walk straight for about 20 meters and Good Morning Vietnam is on your left.


Service and Atmosphere: One reason we keep coming back to Good Morning Vietnam is that the atmosphere is very relaxing and the restaurant is spotless. There literally isn’t a speck of dust anywhere. There is a ton of room which is great if you need your personal space like me. It is nice and cool, which is key considering you are most likely about to eat a hot bowl of noodles. The service is always friendly and the meal is served quickly. It’s just a really nice establishment.


Food and Drink: Today we ordered a the Brisket Flank Pho, the Chicken Pho and the Vietnamese Sampler. We drank two Cokes a complimentary tea.

Vietnam Sampler (14,000KRW): Fried egg rolls, fresh spring rolls, garlic chicken wings and siomai are included in the sampler. The siomai is fried and stuffed with pork and other vegetables. The garlic chicken wings are advertised as “Fried Garlic Drummettes” but for the sake of clarity, I’ll just call them chicken wings. The garlic flavor wasn’t overwhelming and they wings were cooked nicely. The spring rolls were cool and refreshing stuffed with carrots, sticky rice, and a little hint of cilantro. The peanut dipping sauce was a nice surprise. Finally, the eggs rolls were stuffed fried nicely and stuff with pork and various other vegetables. Overall, it is a nice appetizer and is probably a great starter for those who are new to eating Vietnamese food. A very nice sampling of starters.


Brisket Flank Pho (10,000KRW): The Brisket Flank Pho was the first entree to arrive. The pho was steaming beautifully, rising up to the air, creating a small cloud of happiness around our table. The pho was generously portioned with beef and had a  lot of noodles. I piled on the bean sprouts high and squeezed a little lemon into the pho. The broth was a little bland and next time I might order the spicy brisket and see how that sits. Overall though, the hot bowl of pho was great and very comforting.


The Chicken Pho (8,500KRW): The Chicken Pho tasted great, but it was lacking in chicken. Whereas the brisket had a generous portion of meat, the chicken was lacking. However, the noodles made up for it. Jill piled on the bean sprouts and onions. The broth had a hint of nutmeg which add a little flavor and really complimented the other flavors in the bowl.


Hello chicken, where are you?


Value: The total bill came to approximately 37,000KRW. A solid value because the meal will leave you stuffed for the rest of the day. I was a little disappointed about the quantity of meat in the chicken pho; basically we paid 8,500KRW for a bowl of noodles. However, in the end, it was a very satisfactory lunch and we would definitely head back. However, if you do not live in Nowon, I don’t know if this would be worth the trek up north. Lots of options in Itaewon.

Who Should Visit Good Morning Vietnam: A nice bowl of pho is the perfect hangover cure after a night of partying in Nowon.

Who Should Avoid Good Morning Vietnam: Vietnamese enthusiasts would probably find more authentic tastes of beautiful Southeast Asian nation in Itaewon.




  1. have you tried little papa phos? pretty good! good value, only thing is small restaurant/small wait…might be a bit hard if yah rolling with the family..but tasty none the less

    1. No I haven’t tried that one yet. Where is it?

      1. Ah it’s in hapjeong I thought I wrote a review on it lol need an update soon hahaha

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