The Harbor Park Hotel in Incheon – Great Location. Excellent Front Desk. Terrible Room Service.

Like a beacon of light in the midst, The Harbor Park Hotel illuminates against the darkness of the harbors of Incheon. The Harbor Park Hotel is one of Incheon’s most modern and sophisticated hotels. It’s location is great, right next to Chinatown and about a five minute walk from the Incheon Station. However for all of its modernities, it could use an upgrade in the kitchen.


LP’s Description: The Lonely Planet makes note of the views and the contemporary design both interior and exterior. It also mentions the fitness room and the WIFI in the lobby. Finally, it references the buffet at the top of the restaurant and lists the price as 35,000KRW for adults and 23,000KRW for children.

How to get there: One of the easiest hotels to get to from the Incheon Station. Once you depart from the station make a right. You will walk for about 5 – 10 minutes and at 11 o’clock in your line of sight, you should see the Harbor Hotel standing tall in the distance.

Welcome to The Harbor Park Hotel: We arrived at the Harbor Hotel at around 9:45pm on a Friday night. Room service had just ended for the evening, but Jill and I were starving. The baby was asleep, so we didn’t want to disturb him by going into a lively Chinatown. We asked the desk for recommendations. To our surprise they said that they would be willing to order some food in for us! Why thank you fine sir!  Everyone at reception spoke excellent English and were very accommodating.

The lobby was spacious and clean. The lobby had standard PCs and Internet connections. Despite the Lonely Planet saying you can only access WIFI from the lobby, we had no problem accessing the WIFI from our room, although it was spotty at times. Also in the lobby was a posh cafe and bar called Lilac. You can order a fine bottle of liquor or wine and have it brought up to your room. Jill and I ordered a bottle of wine and a pecan pie for Saturday night. A very pleasant first impression.


The Room: We reserved a standard deluxe room for two adults and one child. It was snug, but it fit the three of us fine. Like the lobby, everything was clean and fresh. The bathroom was well stocked with toiletries. The view was spectacular and the beautiful Incheon harbor greeted us in the morning. Our only complaint was that the room was dreadfully hot. At one point during the day, the room was 28 degrees Celsius. We decided to switch rooms. The staff was very accommodating and even helped us move our luggage and baby carrier into the new room.


Room Service… WTF: With every hotel we visit, we always try the room service. It was easily the greatest regret of the weekend. After a long day of hiking through Chinatown and Jayu Park, we decided to stay in and order some room service instead of hitting up the nearby restaurants. We were pretty pooped, so it seemed like a good decision. In retrospect, we should have just ordered McDonalds again. It would have been quicker, cheaper and better tasting. Jill ordered the BLT (15,400KRW) and I ordered the Ham and Cheese sandwich (15,400KRW).  The order took forever to arrive at our room. Two sandwiches and a couple of Cokes took 45 fucking minutes! Sweet Jesus… The sandwiches were small and soggy and the fries were mush. Blah! Easily the worst meal I’ve had for 40,000KRW. Avoid this pitiful menu like the plague.


Buffet Restaurant in the Sky: Although the guidebook says that meals are between 23,000 – 35,000KRW, we actually received our breakfasts for a discounted price. For an extra 20,000KRW, we received four coupons which were valid for our stay. I would highly recommend this option. The food was satisfactory. It’s a Korean take on Western breakfast, which can be a little dicey. They also have a Korean breakfast available. The best part was the view of the ocean. We really enjoyed admiring the view while sipping on our morning tea and coffee.


Value: The cost was 138,000KRW for the Saturday night and 120,000KRW for the Friday night. The Harbor was very clean with excellent service. As for families, I would recommend it if the children who are younger. There really isn’t much to do in regards of a pool or anything like that, so if the kids are older and the weather is bad, they might become bored. As for location, it’s right across from Chinatown and close to Incheon station. For our family, that was appealing because we didn’t want to travel with the stroller a great distance. Overall, we would return, but we would eat elsewhere or have the nice clerks down at reception order us some food.

Who Should Visit The Harbor Hotel: The Harbor Hotel is great for people looking for a clean, English speaking hotel near Incheon Station Incheon is geographically huge and to get around can be a challenge. The location of the hotel is convenient, especially if you’re in Incheon to visit Chinatown, Jayu Park or Wolgi Park.

Who Should Avoid The Harbor Hotel: Really like ordering room service and laying naked in bed while surfing through Korean television? Better order some takeout from the lobby. For budget travelers The Harbor Hotel could be a little pricy. There are cheaper options near Incheon station.

Website: The Harbor Park Hotel 

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