Lotte Hotel Jeju Part 1 – The Rooms, Directions from Jeju International and the Pools

I have to break this into two parts, it was just a huge hotel with lots to do and cover. Lotte Hotel Jeju is the crown jewel of the Jungmun Resort district of Seogwipo on the south side of beautiful Jeju. An almost Vegas-like hotel, Lotte Jeju is extravagant with so many amenities that it was impossible to explore them in three days. By the time we checked in to the time we checked out, it was nothing but first class service and top-notch facilities. A word of warning gentle reader, this review is huge. I tried to explore all the of the resort as much as possible, but unfortunately, time, a small baby, and other family obligations occupied my time. After all, this was a family vacation and not simply a business trip 🙂


LP’s Description: The guidebook makes reference to the fact that Lotte Hotel Jeju is similar to a Vegas-style hotel and casino. It mentions the gardens, swimming pools and the nightly outdoor show that involves volcanoes, dragons, fire and strobe lights. Finally, no review is complete without mention of the Hello Kitty themed rooms.

How to get there: The easiest and cheapest way to get there from Jeju International Airport is to take Bus 600 from the airport. For a mere 4500KRW, it will drive you and your family right up to the gates of the hotel. We opted for this both ways, to and from the hotel and were not disappointed with either trip. The time from Jeju International Airport to the Lotte Hotel was approximately 45 minutes.

Service: The people at Lotte were very friendly for the most part. We decided to get a crib for Logan, instead of having him sleep in our bed. They brought up the crib immediately after check-in and proceeded to set it up in the room for us. The service representatives at the front desk were very polite and friendly. They were making a fuss over Logan (I think he was the only white baby on the resort) and they spoke excellent English. My only qualm was that on the last day, I really wanted some nice shots of a room similar to ours (we had messed ours up), but they couldn’t oblige because a conference in town had booked their entire hotel. Fair enough. Overall, the front desk and customer service reps throughout the hotel were amazing.

Room: We booked a room with a double and single bed for three adults. Jill and I slept in the double and LM slept in the single. The room was large by Korean standards and had a sizable balcony that overlooked the resort. Everything was clean and in pristine condition. There was a sizable flatscreen television and a table with two chairs. The beds were a little soft for my liking, but they were still quite comfortable. The bathroom was huge with a full-sized bath and a separate shower. You know you are staying in a high-class place when there are wine glasses in the bathroom.

Two very messy beds. My apologies.

Two very messy beds. My apologies.



For a great vacation, please drink all of me.


We sat out here and listened to the waterfalls. It was very calming.



The view from the room was nice.


Pools and Jacuzzis: The aquatic section of a resort makes or breaks it for me. Even when I was younger, when my family would go away on a holiday, a sizable pool area was key to the resort experience. The Lotte Hotel does not disappoint and provides pools for children and adults. I really enjoyed the jacuzzis that illuminated at night with various colors and hues. The kids’ pool was perfect for Logan. I depth was only about a foot, and there was even a hot tub with a giant television that played the Cartoon Network! The bigger of the two pools also had a television that showed baseball and various other sports. Also a water slide was attached to the bigger pool and a sauna was near the outdoor swimming area as well. Lots of chairs and space. We didn’t seem to have trouble finding a spot to sit and considering it was fully booked, this was rather surprising. Overall, excellent aquatic facilities and lounge area. Our family chilled by the pool, ordered room service right to the pool which was delivered promptly and relaxed. I love you vacation.


Down the hatch!

Down the hatch!


The Kiddie Pool Area: Just a quick note on the pools. They were open from 9:00am – midnight. Loved that. Jill and I got a chance to sneak away and have a relaxing dip in the big pool and jacuzzi area while the kids were asleep. Silence is golden.

This was the kiddie pool which was significantly shallower and less rowdy.

This was the kiddie pool which was significantly shallower and less rowdy.


This damn bucket is a sneaky SOB. It splashed me in full clothing when I was least expecting it. Logan was also unamused.. I think.


Final Thoughts: We arrived late on Wednesday and this was basically our Wednesday night and Thursday. So far, Lotte Hotel Jeju has lived up to the expectations. We were all out by the pool for most of the day and even had room service delivered poolside. For any family who needs to keep the kids entertained, I would highly recommend this hotel for your family.


  1. Looks great especially for the kids! Hope you have a great time with your family Derek 🙂

    1. We had a great time! Logan was a little scared of swimming at first, but he eventually enjoyed it 🙂

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