XBOX ONE is Finally in Korea! Plus Other Prices from Around the Electronics Market and Video Game Alley

Well, it’s getting close to autumn and since I deplore the cold weather, I’ll be curling up with my PS3 and possibly PS4 this winter (Please Santa?!). I decided to do a little price shopping and picked out a few games. I love going through the old games in Video Game Alley. It always brings back a sense of nostalgia as I sort through the titles. Anyway, enough reminiscing. Let’s see what’s new at the electronic markets.


First Stop – Yongsan Electronic Market

To get to the Yongsan Electronic Market take the subway to Yongsan Station and Depart from Exit 2. Walk across the street and head to the building on the right. There is a ton of English signage to guide you along. The video game section is now on floor 4! There are few options for you. I asked around and found a XBOX One for 475,000KRW if you pay with cash. If you choose the credit card route, you will end out shelling out 520,000KRW. Both prices including the FIFA15 pack. There is no Kinect available yet for XBOX One in Korea.


IMG_0876 IMG_0881

iPad Air Discounts

Right now the iPad Air is going for a pretty good cash discount at the Electronic Market. The iPad kiosk is also found on the 4th floor, so you don’t have to go too far if you are already up there searching for video games. Since my old iPad2 is finally deciding to start weening itself into retirement, I’m in the market for another tablet. The iPad Air 2 is rumored to be released in late October or early November, but to be honest, I really want to see if I can get a deal on the IPAD Air as they slowly begin to ween them out. The price was very reasonable. For a 32GB iPad Air, the cost was 630,000KRW. The 16GB iPad Air was 530,000KRW if you pay with CASH MONEY. 


Second Stop – Video Game Alley 

So, I have to admit, the Yongsan Electronic Market had comparable pricing to Video Game Alley. That said, Video Game Alley has a wider selection and has more wiggle room for negotiation. The XBOX Ones in the alley were running for as low as 470,000KRW with no Kinect.  If you want the FIFA15 pack it would cost 480,000KRW. Since I’m not getting an XBOX (I still have Red Ring of Death PTSD) I didn’t try to haggle. But if you really wanted to, I bet you could get the price down to 450,000KRW.


Other Random Observations: 

I found a bunch of other cool stuff, especially if you are into retro gaming. I love that they still have the old Gameboys and Game Gears in stock. I would buy one if I could justify bringing it back to Canada. I found an old PS2 for 50,000KRW. A PS3 for 230,000KRW and a PS1 for 30,000KRW! For the football fans out there, Madden 15 is running for 70,000KRW. If you are looking for some treasures check the alley out and bring your wallet with a lot of cash.

70,000KRW for Madden 15. Always room for negotiation though!

70,000KRW for Madden 15. Always room for negotiation though!


A Pikachu N64… Fucking Yes!

This looked pretty bad ass. Connecting your phone to a PS controller. 8000KRW.

This looked pretty bad ass. Connecting your phone to a PS controller = 8000KRW.

Ahh Asia…

Ahh Asia…


Bark bark bark


No school like the old school.

IMG_0883 IMG_0884 IMG_0889 IMG_0890 IMG_0891


  1. I was there last night, bought a Xbox One from a friend of mine on base, Kinect free for 399$ so still a noticeable price difference, but needed to find a power adapter since the American Xbox is only 100-127v… Fail! However they dont sell universal power adapters yet, but they do have a plug adapter that allows you to use the original 360 power brick with the new xbox one… It does work, thou I am a little weary of it. While I was waiting for them to sort it out I had a good look around down there, so many old skool things in there and good game selection!

    1. Glad you got your hands on a Kinect. They aren’t even available yet to the general public from what I gathered at the Electronic Market. Questions: When you buy games at the market do they still work for your XBOX? I know that the XBOX is regional and some people have had a problem with it. Just wondering your experience.
      Thanks for reading!

      1. Oh, mine doesnt have Kinect, but you can get it with Kinect from the guys on base, cost is 499 with Kinect. Yes Xbox is a pain because of the regional issues and they annoying part is that it is not always apparent which games are regional locked and which ones are not, you need to look on the back and see which region the game is for, I think the 3 main game regions are uk-pal, us-ntsc and jap-ntsc, most tripple A games and newer xbox games eg GTA, Halo, COD etc are region free but some of the smaller developer games and older games are not and will be region specific. I have had the occasional ‘argument’ with the dealers there trying to figure out if it is a region locked game or not since English isn’t their strong suit, but most of the time I order games in from Play-Asia usually as a pre-order or so I can get the special edition, also that way it is easier to see exactly which region game you are getting, I just ordered 2 Xbox 1 games from there which should arrive today 😀

      2. Yeah, I’ve known people with similar problems and confrontations with the vendors. I know English is probably not their strong suit, but that said, being in Yongsan, you need to have at least a little grasp of the language. Thank you so much for the insight!

  2. lol xbox 1 zzzzz should of got a ps4 blazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahah solid lil read man! always following ur journeys 😀 haven’t been to this place in awhile, PSN store (us psn store) games are pretty cheap so if you don’t mind not having the hard copy then it’s fine 😀

    1. You know I had this exact conversation with my friend as we were walking back from the market. I love the feeling of going into a store and browsing through titles, just like when I was younger. I know I could get stuff on the PSN, but the atmosphere of the market and the little treasures from the past are what makes the journey memorable.

  3. But you do not have the legendary Sega Dreamcast?

    1. Sadly my Dreamcast was stolen from my house on New Years Eve.. Keeping my eye out though

  4. Great article, thanks for the info! I was wondering, do you know if a Playstation 4 or Xbox 1 purchased in Korea can be used back in Canada or the States? In particular, I was concerned about power requirements. If there are any other issues you are aware of, I would appreciate the info. Thanks again!

    1. Playstation 4 definitely but you would need an adapter for the power. The Xbox is regional though I believe.

  5. Hi,I am from malaysia and I am going to korea next months.I wanted to buy some vintage games for example digimon virtual pet shop and gameboy colour.where should I go and buy it?n which is safer caz I am travelling alone.thz

      1. Ok thank you very u knw the price range?

      2. Anywhere between 10,000₩ – 70,000₩.

      3. Is the shop going to open on 25 december?

      4. Thank you very much,u help alot

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