Myeongdong Market Exits 6 and 8 – Sifting Through the Madness and Absorbing the Excitement

Fake noses, tons of great street food, cheap imported socks and famous name brands all wrapped up in the excitement of the heart of the city defines Myeongdong. Arguably the most famous of all the markets, Myeongdong is packed with tourists from around Asia and the locals as well.


Got a kid in a stroller or in a wheelchair? Shop elsewhere: So getting to Myeongdong was a pain in the ass. The subway ride was flawless as usual, but once we arrived at the station we noticed that there were no elevators and the wheelchair lift was out of commission. What does that mean? Dad’s gotta haul a stroller up four flights of stairs. Well, on the bright side, I earned the kalguksu we ate later. However, if you are in a wheelchair or by yourself with a small child, please take notice. For those who can walk take the subway to Myeongdong Station (Line 4) and depart from Exit 6 or 8.

What to do at Myeongdong Market: Shopping, shopping and more shopping. We originally intended to go to the Apple Store so I could fix my computer. However, we discovered that the Apple Support area of the store was under renovations. That’s okay. It’s time for shopping. Bring your credit card, especially if you are planning to shop for luxurious brand names. But there are tons of small, outdoor vendors to satisfy your impulse buying needs. For those, cash is king.


I saw these same faces on an acid trip once.


You truly have not experienced Korea unless you buy some cheap, knockoff Simpsons paraphernalia.


Interesting prices on these watches. Some where 10,000KRW others were, “I can’t tell you.” Hum..


Chinese DVDs with Japanese subtitles. Well, that’s what the jackass vendor said. He wouldn’t give me a price.


Angry birds something..

IMG_0101 IMG_0112 IMG_0174

Food: Okay, so needless to say, I really went down to Myeongdong to get some cheap street food. The Apple Store just happened to be there. Lots of great snacks from hotteok (호떡) which is an excellent Korean treat which consists of deep-fried dough with honey and nuts stuffed inside. Churros and other sweet goodies are also available. Feel like something meaty? Try a pig’s foot and sausage with a side order of potato tornadoes. It is a street food junkie’s paradise and will only cost you anywhere between 1,000KRW – 8,000KRW. You can easily make a full meal for under 10,000KRW.

IMG_0102 IMG_0104 IMG_0105 IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0125 IMG_0158

Random Sights, Myeongdong Tourist Information Center and a Place to Rest: At the end of Exit 6 is the Myeongdong Tourist Information Center. It was open on Sunday and service was available in multiple languages. Also, the red warriors (Korean tour guides) are station throughout Exit 6 and speak multiple languages. They have maps and more importantly, great advice. We chilled with our hotteok at the end of Exit 6 and Exit 8 at a small intersection with a few spots to sit.

Batman's trusty companion. Somewhere Robin is crying..

Batman’s trusty companion. Somewhere Robin is crying..

So what country are you from?

So what country are you from?

IMG_0118 IMG_0117 IMG_0116 IMG_0123

Who Should Visit Myeongdong: A shopper? Looking for street food? Like lots of excitement? This might be the place for you.

Who Should Avoid Myeongdong: It is really disappointing to not see elevators or lifts for the disabled or for people with small children. This is one of the main tourist attractions in the city and the Seoul government didn’t think that there might be a variety of people whom might visit? Shitty move Seoul. Shitty move. Until Logan is a little order and can walk on his own, or if they put in some elevators, we won’t be going back.


  1. Hey derek, I think you meant to say “defines myeongdong” no “defies myeongdong”. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog a lot and for your food section, myeongdong is supposedly famous for their hand cut noodle soup, so give it a try next time! I also want to get in touch with you, but I can’t seem to find a contact form through this blog? If you can send me an email that would be great!

    1. Bah! Thanks for pointing that out. I did mean defines. My email is at the bottom of every article.

  2. Nobody understand mine and my friends excitement over socks, they clearly haven’t been to Korea.

    1. I’m getting some Psy socks before I leave 😉

      1. Everyone member of my family received a pair haha

  3. May I know this is North Korea or South Korea

  4. Janel · · Reply

    Hi! I’d like some advice. I’m going to be staying at a dormitory-type of hostel near Myeong-dong Exit 4 and there are some places that I want to go to. One of those places is near Myeong-dong Exit 8. Could you please tell me how I can get to the next exit? Do I still have to ride the train or do I just need to search for the exit underground? I’m sorry for such a question, it’s just that I’ve never ridden a train before and it’s a little nerve wrecking to me at the moment.

    1. No problem. Just go back into the station and follow the signs to exit 8. Have fun!

      1. Thank you for responding so quickly! I appreciate it. I definitely plan on enjoying my short trip to Seoul as much as I can. Once again, thank you! 🙂

      2. No problem! Enjoy your stay!

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