Queen’s Head in Hongdae – Good Craft Beers If You Can Find It

Reviewed by Erik Weichel

A Microbrewery in Hongdae? Hell yeah, let’s do it! Who doesn’t enjoy a one of a kind brew in the land of Max, Hite, and everyone’s favorite Cass? No one, that’s who. Microbreweries are the hippest of the hip back in the States, with too many tastes and styles for even the best amateur beer connoisseurs and therefore we can expect the same out in Kimchitown right?


How to Get There: Queens Head is not far from Burger B. These are nearly the same exact directions. Take Line 6 to Sangsu Station and take Exit 1 to street level. You will literally need to make U-turn out of the exit in order to head in the right direction. Imagine walking the direction that you are facing as if you were walking down the steps. Once you have mastered this task, and are standing at the intersection, make a left and you will see a sign for the traffic pointing toward Hongik University. Simply walk in this direction, on the same side of the street for roughly 400 meters. You will walk through one intersection and make a left onto a side street which is just before the 7/11. You will see a Darts Bar on a 3F from the street, and Queens Head is not far past this. Located in a slightly inconspicuous alley to your right, it would not be difficult to miss. Keep an eye out for the small Queens Head sign a few feet above eye level.


Make a left before this 7/11.

Make a left before this 7/11.


Service and Atmosphere: The absolute first vibe you receive on your journey through Queens Head is how god damn sensual it is. The walkway into the establishment is lined with 5 or so tables for the smokers out there, dimly lit in a delightful fashion which screams “rape free zone.” ESPECIALLY for something that will be mistaken for a random alley during the day time. There’s some overhanging greenery, and it really does seem inviting. We sat inside (man date), and were seated immediately in a very spacious and comfortable dining area.

Now while the outside was sensually inviting, my first instict was literally to say nothing more than the word “sexy.” These people have a wood burning stove and a moon roof? I felt like I should be wearing slippers. In fact, most of the men who walked in were wearing collared shirts and sweaters. We weren’t so please don’t feel pressured. There is a bar area to your right as you walk in, bountiful snuggies , and an entire second floor which could also be missed if you forget to take your bathroom break while basking in the pleasantness of your surroundings. They were also playing early 2000’s pop radio hits ever so softly over the speakers to set the mood. This is definitely not the pre-game place before heading over to the crayest of the cray nightclubs of Hongdae.


Menu: Good thing they have 3 whole beers to choose from! Come on. While I’m sure they are Microbrewed (is that a word?), they aren’t anything you haven’t seen before. I get that they are the typical German style brews, but I like a little variety in my life from time to time. Moderately priced, they serve a Pilsner, Weizen, and Dunkles ranging anywhere from 5,000 KRW to 26,000 KRW. They serve 400cc glasses as well as 1000cc and 2000cc growlers. That part is pretty classy if I do say so myself. I have not come across growlers since I’ve been here (granted it’s been like, an hour) so you I didn’t mind spending the 12,000 KRW for the 1000cc Weizen. Easy to share or keep for yourself if you don’t mind the pour. It was a Weizen, and I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t go as far as to wear a sweater for it, but it was slightly fruity and very drinkable. Easy beer that people will generally enjoy, as opposed to the darker Dunkles.

The main food offered here was called “Special Barbeque.” I don’t really know what that means to be perfectly honest with you. We didn’t partake, but the table next to us had a few entrees and they looked delicious. We briefly debated going all kinds of Elaine Benes on them and eating off their plate. We didn’t, and therefore were allowed to stay. The place is not a typical Korean Barbeque place, so maybe they just mean that they cook it for you and bring it out. They also have an assortment of pastas which are definitely on the cheaper side of things if that’s what you’re in to, as well as quite a few side dishes. We decided to check out the “Cause” dish. What is “cause” you say? Excellent question. Probably the same question which led us to try it out. Red mussels! The dish was a generous portion and came with a few slices of excellent garlic bread to boot. There were also clams and pasta sprinkled about, which no one complains about. The sauce was a little thin, could have benefitted from having a bit more substance to it, but the taste was all there. Seriously, cause.


Who SHOULD go to Queens Head: Star crossed lovers looking for a quiet meal away from the hustle of Hongdae Nightlife. It does not open until 5 though, so no awkward, semi-classy Sunday brunch for you. Phew. But seriously, it seems like a great date spot. Not quite ready for the a whole meal together? Cause (Red Mussels) and Weizen to share was 28,000 KRW.

Who SHOULD NOT go to Queens Head: Those looking for anything a little more lively will have more luck once you walk back out to the street and open your eyes.


IMG_0674 IMG_0675 IMG_0676 IMG_0679

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