Dog Gone – The Hungry Dog in HBC Closes Its Doors


Welp. One of the coziest little restaurants and a fixture in HBC has closed its door. The Hungry Dog had its last bark on Halloween saying farewell to their customers in a blowout party. The owner, Kim Mi Jung, has been having some health issues for quite some time and this has forced her to close the doors for now. However, despite the closure, Kim Mi Jung was surprisingly upbeat in our chat. “I loved it and my customers,” she said. She won’t be down for long however, she already has some ideas churning and is planning to make a comeback and open something else in the hospitality sector. ” I don’t have any particular plans, but I have some ideas and I’ll definitely be returning to hospitality,” she said.

On a personal note, this closure really sucks. In an area which is quickly filling up with lifeless and generic restaurants at over-the-top prices, The Hungry Dog was always had delicious food at a great value. The service was always friendly and laid-back. Mi Jung always kept a very warm and inviting atmosphere and her loyal customers whom were fixtures in the restaurant were proof of that. Personally, I’ll miss her homemade sliders. I loved those things and they were my favorite¬†whenever I visited the HBC area. Hungry Dog, farewell old boy, you will be missed. But Kim Mi Jung, we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us when you get back on the mend.

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