Toast Monster: A Monster Mouthful of Toast in my Mouth!

By: Erik Weichel

HBC’s a center for hungover fools who like to eat good food and want to do other stuff good too.


How to get there: Take line 6 to Noksapyeong Station and depart from Exit 2. Walk down the hill until you reach the fork in the road. Follow the road to the left, past the military base and kimchi pots. Toast Monster is just passed here on your left. TOO EASY.

Service and Atmosphere: I’m honestly kind of fangirling over this place because I enjoyed it so much. The location itself is fairly small, though it provides a decent amount of seating for a nice, relaxing meal. This place is quaint as shit. There is even a small counter facing out so you can enjoy your breakfast or lunch on your lonesome. You are initially greeted by a friendly, attractive, and English speaking staff whom will take your order at the counter, and serve you at whatever table tickles your fancy. This is when you are graced with the beauty of old school hip-hop and unychronized music videos on a wall projector. We enjoyed the elegant poetry of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Wu-Tang Clan, AND Run DMC to name a few. Honestly, what else do you want with your life? Phone chargers ready and available perhaps? Check.

IMG_0920 IMG_0918 IMG_0916 IMG_0921

Menu: The menu was very simple, as you’d hope for in any trendy-ass brunch spot you stumble into. They serve primarily grilled cheese sandwiches, which range from the classic Bacon Egg and Cheese to a Lobster Texas Toast. They also have plenty of sides to choose from if that’s your style. Prices in my eyes are more than fair. Combo’s come with a small portion of french fries for 1000KRW, and refills of the more than necessary Americano at the same price. AND they serve Bud ICE for 5,000 KRW!? But for real there are a few bottled craft beer options if you feel so inclined.

IMG_0914 IMG_0913 IMG_0915

Bacon Egg and Cheese (6000KRW): Of course I got the combo. Classic take on a classic meal if I do say so myself. The bacon, egg, and cheese, ratio was literally perfected by the gods of all things breakfast. Though I did find it ever so slightly on the greasy side, but it wasn’t exactly a game changer for me. Obviously this could be a positive or negative, depending on who you talk to. Not a huge meal either, an easy choice for the budget bruncher.

IMG_0927 IMG_1238

Steak and Potato Texas Toast (15,000KRW): This big guy was pretty intense. The sandwich itself is huge, and well worth the commitment of time, money, and future bowel movements. The steak was nice and tender. There was a generous portion on the sandwich. The potatoes on the sandwich were well portioned with the steak to create a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs brunch that dwells in your stomach all day long.

IMG_0872 IMG_0871

Mac and Cheese Texas Toast (7,000KRW): What a splendid concept indeed. Coming from the great state of Texas, CY was a little skeptical but those fears were put to rest when the sandwich came to the table. The sandwich was incredibly tasty but that said was very heavy. Cy suggests that the sandwich must be consumed before it cools and gelatinates . The big pieces of Texas toast were lightly buttered and toasted gently. There is something about Texas toast that puts the clenches to the heart.

IMG_0874 IMG_0848 IMG_0847

Mac and Cheese Side (7,000KRW): The portion was fair, the price was fair, the taste was fair. I’m all about it. The cheese is rather thick, and has some elegantly sprinkled parsley on top to boot. No bread crumbs, but I’ll forgive that one. Great side.

IMG_0843 IMG_0859

Value: Lunch for three came out to 46,000KRW. That includes three drinks (two refills), three sandwiches and a side of Mac and Cheese. Really good value for a filling lunch. We will be back there again soon.

Who SHOULD visit Toast Monster: Anyone who’s interested in some classic, greasy, western breakfast food without having to break the bank. Scope it out and then get on with the rest of your life, ya know?

Who SHOULD NOT visit Toast Monster: Vegans.


  1. OKAY this place is definitely going on the list! lololol looks goooooooooooooood

    1. It’s a great place! Right when you enter HBC!

  2. Good review. I visited this place over the weekend and enjoyed their food. This place is real value for money.

    1. I like Toast Monster particularly after a night of drinking in HBC!

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