Cheesewick: Pizza and Craft Beer in Gyeongridan

By: Erik Weichel

It’s not as cheesy as it sounds, but there’s definitely some cheese involved.

Cheesewick is one of 50 restaurants profiled in Itaewon Eats 2015! Click here to download a copy!


How to get there: Venture out of Noksapyeong Station from Exit 2, after reflecting upon the serenity of the station itself. Continue walking forward, roughly 200 meters, until you reach the wretched, disgusting, tunnel of hell which will take you across the street. Walk past the graffiti and dead bodies, making a left at the end, toward “Financial Management Corps.” From there, stay on the main road, cross over the street at your first intersection and Cheeswick will be on your right, on the second floor. Conveniently located next to Craftworks and Don Charley’s.

IMG_0930_2 IMG_0933_2 IMG_0934_2

Keeping it class in Gyeongnidan…

Keeping it class in Gyeongridan…


Service and Atmosphere: The place itself is smaller than I expected, but could seat probably 25 or so at a time. There are some sexy ass black couches on the back wall, window seating, coat racks, high top tables, and pizza. They also have a self service bar for jalapenos, water, and tabasco. We went in on a Sunday afternoon and were the only foreigners, if that matters to you. Lighting was nice and sensual, as was the classy and modern R&B softly serenading us through the speakers.

IMG_0965_2 IMG_0963 IMG_0958 IMG_0955 IMG_0943 IMG_0944_2 IMG_0949 IMG_0950_2

Menu: Pizza. They serve pizza here. A few sides and a salad if that’s more what you’re into, but the limited menu makes it very obvious that they are there almost solely to serve you pizza and craft beer. I like that there aren’t very many options, and everything looks pretty good (pictures on the menu is the essence of class). This provides more time to study the beer list, which has a nice little variety to it. They even provide two different sampler options as well as bottled options. How nice of them to do this for us. Priced between 5,000 KRW and 8,500 KRW for individual beers.

IMG_1239 IMG_1240 IMG_1241 IMG_1242

Cheesewick Meat Ragu (12,500 KRW): A very “easy to eat” pizza for anyone. Pretty standard with the red sauce and ground beef, though the beef WAS under the cheese. Not sure who isn’t a fan of some sub-cheese toppings. The dough was very light and fairly airy, which didn’t exactly add to the dish, yet merely acted as the necessary canvas for the other ingredients. It tasted fine, but isn’t anything to write home about. Overall, I liked it.


Mellow Mushroom (11,500 KRW): Nice dish if you’re looking for something a little on the sweeter side, as it comes with honey. It is a fact that mushrooms are indeed nature’s best topping and perhaps even food, and therefore this is something worth trying. Throw some tabasco on this mother and enjoy yourself. Have a ball. Same deal with the dough, but I had a good time with it. I would probably try the other items next time, but neither pie is anything to scoff at. A wise man once said, pizza is good, even if it’s bad.IMG_1246 IMG_1247 IMG_0956_2

Sweet Potato and Marshmallow (6,000 KRW): This was by far the weirdest thing I’ve ever had in my mouth. It sounds good and looks good, and definitely has a sweet taste of cinnamon, but it’s not all there.  As you can see in the picture, it sort of looks like individual marshmallows with some sort of surprise sweet potato extravaganza within each one. Though in reality it is more of a soft, warm, gooey, mess 🙂 It is more of a dip than anything, though it was not served as such. We were speculating on the choice of having something of the sort on the menu in the first place, given that the restaurant is obviously keeping a very “pub-esque” vibe to it. Seems a little adventurous for this place. Carbonara Mac and Cheese next time for sure.



Drinks: Today we ordered four beers to get a good sampling of the ales offered at this establishment. They were fine brews indeed.


Porter (6,500KRW): The porter was perfect on this cold afternoon. The bitterness of a porter that had a hint of coffee, it actually went quite well with the Cheesewick Meat Ragu. I sipped it slowly and just relaxed while talking about the intricacies of life. Although not as good as Guinness in my opinion, it is still a solid choice.


Old Brown Dog (8,500KRW): Old Brown Dog from Smuttynose Brewery sounds more like the name of a punk band than a beer. Anyway, it was really great and worth the 8,500KRW. Not as heavy as the Porter, in fact, it had a trace of sweetness, possibly caramel. It went down nice and smooth. I would go back and order that again in a heartbeat.


Mosiac IPA (7,000KRW): The Mosaic was definitely light for me, decently hoppy and very drinkable. Fine beer for people who aren’t diehard IPA douchebags like myself. I liked it, but I don’t need another.


Ginko Ale (6,500KRW):  I tried the Ginko Ale, which was also fairly light and some nice fruity undertones. Again, not exactly my style, but a nice, easy drinking beer.


Value: The total came to 59,500KRW for two pizzas, the marshmallow and sweet potato concoction and four beers. Overall, not too bad of a value. The pizzas were satisfactory and the brews were good. Going to hold off on the marshmallows next time.

Who SHOULD visit Cheesewick: Looking for a relaxed place to get a decent bite and a beer around Itaewon? Cheesewick is a spot.

Who SHOULD NOT visit Cheesewick: Anyone looking for something a little more on the high end spectrum of life and the lactose intolerant.

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