Chicago Pizza in Hongdae – Not For Me…

By: Erik Weichel  I like pizza, you like pizza, let’s eat pizza. Oh how little do we foresee of our futures when blinded by food. IMG_1302 Service and Atmosphere: This was a close second in our favorite part of the experience here. The place is clean, fairly large, and impressively decorated. I had high hopes. There are books on the wall for Christ sakes. BOOKS. There was some festive christmas lighting and pretty girls seated next to us. What could go wrong? We arrived on Saturday night about 9:30pm and it was fairly busy. They stop serving at 10. IMG_1277 IMG_1278 IMG_1279 IMG_1280

Menu: The menu seemed pretty standard, which is fine, but it did not take long to decide what to eat. They have plenty of appetizers, salads, and pastas to choose from if pizza isn’t your game. Definitely on the pricey side of life, yet the portions were sizable. When we ordered, the waitress warned us that it was too much food. She was right on too many levels.

Basil Pesto Chicago Pizza (20,000 KRW): This pizza tasted more of Chicago than basil or pesto. The dough was thick (to be expected) and overflowing with cheese. Now this could be what you’re looking for, if it were not for the burnt, dry bottom and crust and complete lack of flavor. What a disappointment from something that looks so delicious when it is served up. Good thing we got two 8 inch pies, instead of one 12. I don’t like to hate, but damn this was bad. IMG_1299 IMG_1337 IMG_1301

Squid Ink Chicago Pizza (20,000 KRW): This pizza tasted like a Chicago sidewalk after a hurricane. I wanted to be adventurous, try some weird shit, but this was bad for all the wrong reasons. I like seafood and was hype on checking this out. But again, the dough was dry and burnt, the cheese took over the entire taste. Nothing of this pizza resembled anything of the ocean or of pizza. Look at the thing! My unquestionable vote for worst DvLP meal I’ve been a part of. IMG_1298 IMG_1336

Fried Chicken Wings and Vegetables (16,000 KRW):  Trying to end on a positive note here. These were by far the absolute best part of our meal. Nearly even made the experience salvageable. While a little expensive for a dozen small wings,  they were some of the best I’ve ever had. People who don’t normally eat wings would enjoy these. Peppered with parsley and served with a hot sauce/blue cheese mix, they are everything I would expect from a place like this given my first impression. They were ever-so slightly sweetened and fell right off the bone. You literally can’t dislike them. And there’s also carrots and celery so it’s basically healthy. IMG_1293 IMG_1294 IMG_1295

Value: 58,000KRW for two Cokes, two terrible pizzas and chicken wings…. Uhh…..

Who SHOULD visit Original Chicago Pizza: Recently find out your significant other is much more of a scumbag than originally projected? Take them here and leave them the bill.

Who SHOULD NOT visit Original Chicago Pizza: Everyone else.


  1. Ew. Both of those pizzas look pretty horrendous and not like the good stuff Ive had in Chicago. Too bad.

    1. Chicagoians need to burn this place to the ground. Just saw the location in Itaewon…. Boo

  2. Pizza in Korea, always a minefield!

    1. That’s the truth. If its not corn and potatoes it’s sludge like Chicago Pizza.

      1. Once our boss bought us “The best and most expensive pizza” from pizza school as a treat. Instead of tomato sauce, the base was an inch thick garlic mayonnaise. The toppings were prawns, maraschino cherries beef mince and sweet crumble (as in apple crumble). I’ve never been so confused in my life.

      2. I literally have no words… That sounds horrible. I haven’t had some good pizza in awhile. I need to head down to Bonnys in HBC for some good pie.

      3. Yeh, I always thought that pizza was one of those things that was impossible to get wrong but I guess not haha

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