Plant – The Alien Has Landed in Itaewon

By: Randall Roijas


PLANT, co-run by Alien’s Day Out blogger, Mipa Lee, has quickly become one of the the most popular vegan spots in all of Seoul, since it’s opening in 2013. No list of vegan eateries in Seoul is complete without it. Known for its bakeshop, it’s also a great a place to get a warm, home-cooked vegan meal.

Plant is one of 50 restaurants profiled in Itaewon Eats 2015! Download it today by clicking here!

How to get there:

PLANT’s Facebook page kindly provides simplified walking directions from Itaewon Station, so it’s actually pretty easy to find. Start from Exit 4 and walk straight, keeping an eye out for Sneak Soul on your left, then immediately turn left and descend the stairs. Advance through the small alleyway and when you emerge onto another roadway, walk straight across and into the alley right beside Greek on the Grill. Continue past Mama Miya and you’ll see a helpful sign. PLANT is on your right.

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Service and atmosphere:

It’s a very small, cramped place, but cozy and welcoming at the same time. And maybe a good place to strike up a conversation with a stranger sitting nearby. There’s a shelf with some vegan-related books, self-serve water, and an iPod providing background ambience with a nice mix of indie tunes.

20150103-IMG_0381b 20150103-IMG_0387b 20150103-IMG_0390b 20150103-IMG_0395b 20150103-IMG_0396b 20150103-IMG_0400b 20150103-IMG_0408b 20150103-IMG_0410b 20150103-IMG_0412b 20150103-IMG_0414b

Food and Drink: Today I ordered the Aztec Hot Chocolate, the Jambalaya Rice Bowl, the Tempeh Meatball Pasta, Vegan Oreo Walnut Brownie, Vegan+Gluten Free Choco Chip Nut Muffin, Coconut Chews, and Lemon Poundcake. I’m full..

Aztec Hot Chocolate (6,000 KRW): Coming in from -9 C, this was the only logical drink choice for me. Thick and frothy with a strong cinnamon bite (similar to how the Aztecs prepared the drink), it was a comforting way to start the meal. Average price for a cup of good hot chocolate.

hot choco 2

Jambalaya Rice Bowl (12,000 KRW)Served piping hot, with chunks of mushrooms, celery, bell peppers, and some kidney beans, the rice was good but ultimately lacking in wow factor. I did, however, savor the few pieces of the handmade vegan chorizo, which was easily the best part of the dish. It didn’t taste over-processed and salty like Tofurky, nor was the texture crumbly like Field Roast. It had its own flavor and texture, no doubt. I just wish there were more in the jambalaya.

jambalaya 1 jambalaya 2 jambalaya 3

Tempeh Meatball Pasta (12,000 KRW): Again, I enjoyed the handmade meat analogue, in this case, tempeh meatballs. The texture was perfect. With fusilli (an under-utilized pasta, I would say), thick marinara sauce, and a side of garlic bread, I preferred this dish over the jambalaya. It’s a simple, hard to screw-up meal, that really hit the spot. More meatballs, please.

tempeh pasta 1 tempeh pasta 2 IMAG0843

Vegan Oreo Walnut Brownie (3,500 KRW): At first, it looks as if they just smashed a Chocolate Oreo on top of a brownie, as the cookie is mostly on the outside, with small chunks of walnut on the inside. It’s an interesting concept, but I’m not sure it works out that well. It has a decent chocolate flavor throughout, but for a brownie to be a winner, it must be moist and somewhat stable. This one was exceptionally dry and, within a few bites, devolved into a mound of cookie crumbs lying inside the baking liner.

oreo walnut brownie1 oreo walnut brownie2 oreo walnut brownie3

Vegan+Gluten Free Banana Choco Chip Nut Muffin (3,000 KRW): Excellent. Perfectly moist, yet firm, as a muffin should be, and had plenty of chocolate chips inside. Not so many nuts, but tasty nonetheless. It held itself together well compared to some other vegan muffins I’ve tried in the past. This was my instant favorite.

banana nut muffin

Coconut Chews (2,500 KRW): A great little snack for the price. The coconut does not overwhelm as many coconut foods do. Instead, it blends well with its companion ingredients, including the chocolate chips.

coconut chews 20150103-IMG_0421b

Lemon Poundcake (4,500 KRW): This poundcake had a subtle lemon flavor and was drizzled with glaze; as good as any lemon poundcake I’ve tried.

lemon poundcake

Value: The menu is reasonably priced, considering the location and the fresh ingredients. You can get a meal and dessert for around 15–16,000 KRW. Their main dishes are great, but their dessert snacks and generous cake slices alone make PLANT worth coming to. From a vegan perspective, its always good to have another option. For some, PLANT is the option.

Who SHOULD visit: Anyone and everyone. If you’re in Itaewon and looking for an alternative to your usual dessert and baked goods, as well as a new dish to try, PLANT certainly deserves a visit. Vegans and omnis alike will undoubtedly find something to enjoy here.

Who SHOULD not visit: This place is not meant to accommodate more than a dozen or so people, so larger groups should look elsewhere for a gathering.

Menu: Their all-vegan menu, which changes weekly, features two main dishes to choose from, along with coffee, tea, lemonade, and a smoothie. Off the menu, they have a selection of cakes, muffins, brownies, and other assorted goodies. They also carry a few tubs of Nuttelex, a vegan butter, which is awesome considering how difficult the stuff is to find in Korea. Be sure to check their twitter @plantcafekorea for a look at what they’re serving and their hours.

plant menu


  1. I love the chai latte!

    1. Im excited to try here. That meatball pasta he ordered looks awesome! Also ill give the chai latte a try as im a huge chai junkie! Thanks for reading!

      1. I’ve not tried the food. The desserts give me more than enough to enjoy each time!

      2. They looked aweome! The hot chocolate looked great too. Perfect place for a quiet chat and drink in my opinion.

      3. As long as there isn’t too many people there. Wish they had more seats!

      4. I think its going to be like Rye Post. Small location now but build up a following and then move to a larger location.

  2. I’m so sad that they’re closed for the holidays! I’ll be back in the UK by the time they open. 😥 Definitely on my list for the summer, though.

    1. Im excited for their summer menu!

  3. WhatToDoInSeoul · · Reply

    I always read her blog. I try to go and eat.Thanks your information 🙂

    1. Not a vegan myself but i am definitely going to hit up Plant when she opens back up!

  4. Thanks for this review and directions! It’s been on my list for eons, I really need to go over there when its open again. (I hear she’s been on vacation). I also 100% agree on the brownie…oh, how many dry brownies I’ve eaten in Korea. Why do I keep buying them?? Hope, I guess. lol…

    1. Youre welcome! I think shes back actually! I want a brownie now. Like a soft fudge browie from the oven. Someone needs to make this happen.

  5. Man, I’m so sad that I found this blog after I left Korea, now I’m just mourning all the tasty restaurant I could of gone to. lol

    1. lol sorry dude! Gotta come back for a visit and fill up!

      1. I found this great website of Korean recipes though to get my fix. Made DakjJim the other, was so pleased with myself lol

      2. Ohh nice site! I am going to have to add this to the bookmarks when I get home! Thanks!

  6. Awesome write up man haha all the places on ur recent escapades are ones i have on my list with a bit more free time i might be able to check them out, and see whats good! keep the reviews coming bro always a good read ~

    1. Thanks man! Ive been blessed to have a couple of writers who are awesome! Glad you are back safe from Japan!

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