Pizza Peel: Peel Me a Party in Itaewon

By: Erik Weichel

RANDOM DISCLAIMER. Other people who joined us for lunch wholeheartedly disagree with my opinion on this place, but they’re dumb. Please keep both of these facts in mind as you continue reading, as well as in the activities of your daily life.


How To Get There: Pizza peel is very easy to find. Take the subway to Itaewon Station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 4.  Continue forward along the main strip until you reach the illusive blue Itaewon arch. You will see a sign for Pizza Peel on your left. You will then make a left into an ominous alleyway fit for the sale of grenades and kidneys, but with a strange Disney-esque sort of appeal to it. I liked it. Pizza Peel is on your right.

20150103-IMG_0332bIMG_1079 IMG_1681


Service and Atmosphere: What I like about Pizza Peel is that it actually looks like a pizza place. Not trying to be anything it’s not. It’s relatively small, with maybe eight tables and Liga BBVA on the screen. Can’t hate on that. Service was fine, the food and beer came out quickly and it wasn’t overly expensive.






Chicken Pesto (18,500 KRW): Personally, I hated it. But like I said, there were others who disagreed. I found this pizza to be far too greasy for my own tastes. And while usually I’m alright with that life, I did not appreciate the dough being soaked through and therefore becoming somewhat hard to eat. The pesto sauce was nothing special, and honestly I found it to be almost tasteless. Grain of salt.

IMG_1693 IMG_1731 IMG_1701

Canadian (15,500 KRW): This one was definitely better than the previous. With peperoni, mushrooms, and bacon, it’s kind of hard to go wrong! I thought it tasted really good and was spiced well, but was still unimpressed with the dough and grease. The size of both of these pies weren’t overly huge, I think two people could split one pretty easily.

IMG_1696 IMG_1732 IMG_1702

Garlic Knots (8,000 KRW): This might be the biggest discrepancy between my opinion and those of my compadres. Despite the large portion size, I again found this dish to be a little greasy and perhaps even slightly undercooked. They look good, they weren’t terrible, but they don’t save the experience for me.

IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1727

Beers (3,000 KRW-8,500 KRW): They got the beer game relatively proper over here, especially considering they don’t shove it in your face that you can drink some crafts whilst you eat. They’re prepared with anything from the standard Max to a few different IPA’s and some darker Ales. They really have something for everyone if you like beer. Remember: beer is food, but food is not beer.


Who SHOULD visit Pizza Peel: Feeling a little saucy? Little crazy? Genuinely tend to disagree with the buffoonery I display to the world through this here blog? Check it out and see what you think. Like I said, the others’ didn’t dislike anything, and you may not either.

Who SHOULD NOT visit Pizza Peel: Anyone in a diehard search for the best slice in Korea, and those who take my word too seriously.


IMG_1086 IMG_1087

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