Revolucion – Havana in Gyeongridan??

By: Erik Weichel 

Walking up hills and stuff for Cuban sandwiches and craft beer.

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How to Get There: This place is a bit of a pain to find. Take Noksapyeong Station Exit 2 and follow through the tunnel of death, but walk towards Financial Management Corps once you’re in there. Make your first right past Doughnut Plant, up the Gyeongridan strip. Stay on the right side, as you will take a right up a delightfully ominous alley/hill when you see the signs for Maloney’s Pub and Grill, just past the WellBeing Mart. Make a right at the next intersection and you’ll be right there. It’s on your left.

IMG_0748IMG_0933_2 IMG_0937

And suddenly it turned into night!

And suddenly it turned into night!

IMG_1195 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1200

Service and Atmosphere: We walked in and and were welcomed by a quartet of live white acoustic folk music as far as the eye can see. But really the place is small and so they did take up a large portion of the available space. There are only two or three tables, with some limited bar space and another counter standing area, which is where we parked. The staff is friendly, and you can see the cook making the sandwiches behind the bar. The place looks like an old school, prohibition era speakeasy. The intimate, dimly lit setting was my personal favorite part of the experience. Everyone in here was a foreigner when I walked in, if that matters to anyone.




Cubano with Chips (12,000 KRW): I didn’t think it was bad. As you can see, the sandwich is relatively thin and comes on lightly toasted wheat bread. The chips are thickly cut french fries, which to me could have been cooked a bit longer. The sandwich itself was alright, nothing crazy but a decent bite to eat with all the works of the beloved Cubano, however minimal.


Roast Duck Panini w/Brie and Chips (12,000 KRW): We all preferred this one to the other. Duck is  good you know? Again the size wasn’t overwhelming by any means, but if you were to find your way in here, this would be what I would suggest of the two we tried. I thought the meat was prepared well and accented nicely by the brie. Nice sandwich and not expensive at all, though the portion is consistent.


Overall: They had a beer called Itaewon Pale which I liked. Not overwhelmingly hoppy and it has a smooth, lightly bitter finish. This and the atmosphere are what make the place worth it for me. I wasn’t blown away by the food by any means, but I’m glad I was able to check the place out.

Who SHOULD visit Revolucion: If you’re in the area and feel like grabbing a drink somewhere new, it could be a decent place to sit and talk for a while if you’re willing to venture up the hill.

Who SHOULD NOT visit Revolucion: Looking to change your life with a new favorite spot to eat? This might not be it.


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