Mi Casa in Itaewon – Mi Casa! Su Casa! Tapas Casa!

So after a long, long week at work, Jill and I called a babysitter and desperately pleaded for her to come over, so we could sooth our souls with some Spanish tapas and a couple of glasses of Sangria. Oh what a fine choice we made.

Mi Casa is featured in Itaewon Eats 2015! Check out an interview with Chef Alejandro Bermudez Leguina


How to get there: The easies way to get there is to take the subway to Itaewon Station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 1. Make a right after the KFC and head up a small hill. At the top of the hill, make a left and walk for about 250 meters. You will pass Baby Guinness, Chicago Pizza, Sam Ryans and Copacabana. Mi Casa is tucked away on your left. IMG_0834IMG_3781 IMG_3783 Service and Atmosphere: With a modern and sleek interior, Mi Casa has a lot of class, but at the same time, it has a charming quality that doesn’t reek of pretentiousness. Ivy stringed along the window sills, and bottles and bottles of wine aligned on the wall, MI Casa has a rustic charm. The music was playing softly and conversation was easy to come by. This is a classic date spot if there ever was one. Service was solid. The server was polite and recommended some items on the menu. The food was served individually as we requested. Absolutely no complaints. IMG_3856 IMG_3815 IMG_3812 IMG_3810 IMG_3809

Food and Drink: Today we ordered the Jamon Iberico, the Tabla de Queso Manchego, the Tortilla Espanola, Patatas Bravas, Albondigas en Tomate, Chuletas de Cordero, Spanish Creme Brûlée and two sangrias. Don’t fret. I will explain what the hell I just wrote below.

Jamon Iberico (32,000KRW): To start we had the Jamon Iberico which is a thinly-sliced cured ham served with fresh bread. The Jamon Iberico is served chilled with the fat slightly congealed. The flavour was delightful. The succulence of the salty, cured ham combined with the warm, soft bread melted in my mouth. A perfect teaser for the tastebuds.

IMG_3820 IMG_3821 IMG_3824 IMG_3826

Tabla de Queso Manchego (23,000KRW): For all you non Spanish readers out there, this is a Spanish-cured cheese served with bread. The cheese came out with the ham, and I avoided the urge to put the two together to create a makeshift ham and cheese sandwich. Instead, we enjoyed the cheese as it was meant to be, on a soft slice of white bread. Manchego cheese is made from unpasteurized sheep’s milk and is ideally served semi-soft. The Tabla de Queso Manchego has a slight sweetness to it, and  was a little harder than I was expecting. It crumbled slightly, but still very tasty.

IMG_3827 IMG_3829

Albondigas en Tomate (Spanish Meatballs) 18,000KRW: The Spanish Meatballs came out first. We were a little surprised that they came with french fries. One does not traditionally think of serving fries with Spanish meatballs. That said, the meatballs were great, seasoned nicely and juicy. The fresh tomatoes on top with basil gave the meatballs a refreshing flavour. The fries were pretty good actually, but personally, I would prefer more meatballs (we had six) instead of a side order of fries. Just my take on it.



Patatas Bravas (15,000KRW: Patatas Bravas. A staple when it comes to Spanish cuisine. A fried potato topped with a spicy tomato sauce. The sauce was nice a creamy with a lot of kick. The potatoes weren’t overly crunch, but still had a little crispiness to them. The rush of flavour once you bite into the patatas bravas is exhilarating. It was my favourite tapas of the meal.

IMG_3844 IMG_3845

Tortilla Espanola (11,000KRW): The Tortilla Espanola is described as a traditional Spanish omelet. The Tortilla Espanola was good, but it did crumble quite easily. There weren’t as many peppers instead as I thought there would be; it was basically just a potato and egg pie. It was okay, but it won’t be on my list the next time we come back. However, Jill loved it and told me to shut my whore mouth.

IMG_3833 IMG_3834

Chuletas de Cordero (Grilled Lamb Chops) 39,000KRW: The highlight of the meal. Although I love tapas, once I spotted the grilled lamb chops, I knew I had to save room for them. They were well seasoned with rosemary, a little black pepper and some parsley. So rare that Mary was still singing to her, the juices dripped down my chin. The mint jelly was an excellent sauce for this entree. The Spanish-style potato gratin was crispy, but there wasn’t as much cheese as I thought there would be.

IMG_3846 IMG_3851 IMG_3860

Crema Catalana (8,000KRW): A Spanish version of a Creme Brûlée. The only thing I noticed different was that there was fruit on top and a flower. The creme brûlée was caramelized very nicely without a spot of black on it. The sugar was just hard enough, and a delight to crack open. There was not as much vanilla bean as I would have liked, but it still had a lot of flavour. At the end of this marathon, I’m surprised I could eat anything at all to be honest, but damn, I can never say no to creme brûlée.

IMG_3865 IMG_3855

Value: This was a feast and feasts don’t come cheap. The whole bill came to approximately 144,000KRW. If I had to participate in the running of the bulls, I can guarantee that there would be a horn up my ass because I would have fallen asleep at the starting line. SO much food and a couple of sangrias will cost you, and to be honest, on a Saturday night, I’m willing to shell out the extra WON for a great experience. Mi Casa was well worth the money and I would highly recommend it for a great night out with friends or the significant other.

Who Should Visit Mi Casa: Those seeking Spanish tapas in Itaewon with an excellent wine selection have found their spot.

Who Should Avoid Mi Casa: The budget traveller might not have the funds to support this endeavour. Get some cheese and crackers from GS25, some Lunchables, close your eyes and pretend your in Madrid.


IMG_3785 IMG_3786 IMG_3787 IMG_3788 IMG_3789 IMG_3790 IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3793 IMG_3794 IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3797 IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3802 IMG_3803 IMG_3804 IMG_3805 IMG_3806 IMG_3807 IMG_3808


  1. Great review! Myself and my husband very nearly went there on our last trip to Seoul but opted for Mexican instead…will definitely have to go the next time.

    1. Yes! I would recommend it for sure! Did you end up going to Coreanos?

      1. No I think the place that we went to was called Tomatillos, they had an amazing tortilla soup!

      2. Tomatillos! Yeah I’ve been there a few times and they are okay. Try Coreanos next time my friend. They are amazing! Some of the best Mexican food in Seoul!

      3. Sounds good! Will definitely have to give it a try.

  2. I tried MiCasa once and was somewhat disappointed and haven’t been back. We had to sit at one of the high tables because all the regular tables were “reserved” but no one ever showed up for them while we were there and the high tables were uncomfortable. :/ And then I thought a lot of the food was delicious but so scant. But your review made me want to try it again…the food does look nice. I remember the paella being delicious (but I wanted more, lol, so small!).

    1. That is actually quite true. One thing that I did notice, and that I probably should have mentioned in the blog was that people where there forever. I wonder if they reserve the table and just keep them there until people show? That said, I called for reservations once and they assured me that there was only a 15-minute holding time beyond our reservation time. I saw those high tables and I don’t think I would have wanted to sit on them. Personally, I didn’t find the portions too small. We were both full when we left, but then again, we ordered a lot of food 🙂 🙂

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