Makin’ Jamaican Food Truck – Packing a Spicy Jamaican Punch in Boston

There is nothing in the culinary world more trendy than the food truck industry. Although it hasn’t caught on in Korea just yet, its influence is still felt here. This summer, we headed to my wife’s rival town of North Reading for their first annual Food Truck Festival! There were a bunch of trucks, and as per usual with food trucks, the lines started to grow quickly. However, we got to Makin’ Jamaican early and damn what a fine choice it was.


Where to find them: Like with all food trucks, they are on the move. Makin’ Jamaican is normally in the Boston vicinity, but to know precisely where they are, follow them on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Service: This was the second truck we hit up at the festival and at that point, there was still a pretty small queue. The service was quick and efficient, with our order being in our hands after a couple of minutes of ordering. Chef Tunki was very friendly and courteous.

Food and Drink: Today we ordered the jerk wings, fried plantains and three bottles of water because damn those wings have some kick.

Large Jerk Wings (7 for $9.00): In Seoul it’s impossible to find good Jamaican food, so coming back to America is always a treat. Makin’ Jamaican made it worth sitting through a 14-hour flight with a screaming toddler. The jerk wings really pack a punch. The rub they use has a lot of spice to it, so be warned. That said, the chicken was so tender and juicy, and the powerful flavor was perfect for my palate. The spiciness of the jerk chicken and the sweetness of the plantain was a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

IMG_5506 IMG_5519

Fried Plantain ($5.00): Jill ordered the plantain and was generous enough to share. These plantains were amazing. The outside were crisped perfectly, whilst the inside was smooth and sweet. I’ve had plantain that dries out, but Makin’ Jamaican’s plantains retained some of the their moisture. As stated before, this was a great compliment to the spicy jerk wings.


Value: The whole meal came out to $17.00, which could be a bit much for some budget travellers who are looking for a quick bite on the road. That said, there was value here because of the quality of ingredients and flavor of the wings. Can’t wait to hit up the second annual food truck festival when we head back to Boston and get my fill of Jamaican again.

Who Should Visit Makin’ Jamaican: Food truck junkies looking to fix their Caribbean cravings.

Who Should Avoid Makin’ Jamaican: Might have to look elsewhere for a quick, cheap eat.



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  1. woah! That’s a lot of fried food!

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