Brew 3.15 – Korean Fried Chicken with a Side Order of Annoyance

Brew 3.15 is the brainchild of Daniel Gray, the founder of the popular Seoul Eats blog. It is also the sister restaurant of Brew 3.14 which is conveniently located across the street. Brew 3.15 has been open for close to year, and as a rule, I usually like to wait until the dust has settled before heading in. On that note, the dust is still as thick as a Seoul spring morning at Brew 3.15.


How to get there: It’s right across the street from Brew 3.14, but I’ll give you the directions anyway. The most challenge aspect is finding Brew 3.14. It isn’t near any major subway, the closest one being Anduk. However, it is easy to find if you are willing to do a little walking (about 5 minutes). First, go to Anguk Station (Line 3) and depart from Exit 4. Walk straight until you see Samil Daero 30-gil and make a left, look for the Pizza Haven on the left. Walk down the street and you should see the Ibis Hotel on your left and the Crown Hotel on your right. Walk past those until you see Proto on the corner, make a left and Brew 3.14 is on the left.

Atmosphere: We rolled in pretty early, around 5pm and there was nobody there. In fact, they yelled at us from outside as we walked by looking for Brew 3.14. So we went in. Brew 3.15 actually has a pretty nice open concept happening with large corridor windows that are perfect for people watching. Everything seemed pretty laid back and chilled until……


Her. I didn’t get her name, but apparently she introduced Daniel Gray to his wife. How do I know this? Because she sat her ass down at our table and would not shut the fuck up. I have no problem with being friendly, but there is a fine line between being friendly versus intrusive. A line, this person waving the butter knife and fork at my photographer, does not seem to comprehend.

Here is a list of random shit we heard about:

  1. She doesn’t get veganism and told my friend, whom is a vegan, about a dozen times that Korea doesn’t do “vegan” food (Bullshit. Plant says hello.)
  2. Yammering on and on about Dan Gray. I love Dan Gray. In fact, his blog Seoul Eats, is one of the best in Seoul, but if I wanted to hear a history of the guy, I would just send him an email or take him out for a beer.
  3. Trying to give us samples when we clearly didn’t want to be bothered. No, surprisingly, we didn’t want chocolate cake with fried chicken, onion rings and beer. Besides, my friend is a vegan and he can’t eat anything with eggs, which we told her at the beginning. (see point 1 again)
  4. Obstructing my friend from taking photos. Have you noticed that we didn’t get many photos of the interior? That’s because she kept jumping in the way, obstructing the camera. Finally, my photographer just took her picture (the one you see above)

You need to read your customers. If your customers are clearly trying to have a private conversation, inviting yourself to sit down at the table is NOT OKAY!

It’s been a month since my visit and I’m still annoyed thinking back to it, and that’s a problem. Oh and also, the ramen-crusted fried chicken, the one thing I wanted to try, wasn’t on the menu… Great… Nor was the new “SLOW IPA” which was the other thing I wanted to try. Sigh, more swings and misses than Lotte Giants game.

Another Annoyance (and a little lack of integrity): So I was just cruising Brew 3.15’s Facebook Page and I had a look at the reviews. So far, this place has a whopping THREE reviews, one of them is Daniel Gray (The owner) who gave his own restaurant 5 stars.. Come on man, have some integrity.

Dan Gray reviews his own restaurant.

Food and Drink: Today we ordered onion rings, a plate of regular Korean fried chicken and a Magpie Pale Ale.

Brew 3.15 Fried Chicken (18,000KRW): Okay, let’s talk about food. Since the ramen-crusted fried chicken is apparently off the menu, I ordered some regular Brew 3.15 Fried Chicken. The chicken itself wasn’t bad and there was plenty of it. It was fried to a golden brown, and the meat inside was plump and juicy. That said, it didn’t really stand out either. It was good, but would I go back for it? Probably not, especially considering Brew 3.15 is out of the way.

IMG_6774 IMG_6793

Onion Rings (8,000KRW): RR can’t eat meat or animal byproducts, so he had some onion rings. He said they were good. They were a little greasy for my taste. For 8,000KRW… eh… meh.

IMG_6807 IMG_6755

Pale Ale by Magpie (8,000KRW): I’ve had the Pale Ale from Magpie multiple times and it has never disappointed. A hoppy pale ale that was definitely refreshing on a warm summer’s day. The best part of the meal!

Value: The whole bill for a plate of chicken, a side order of onion rings and two beers came to approximately 40,000KRW. Save yourself the trouble and head to an authentic Korean fried chicken place and get the tap beer for like 4,000KRW and their fried chicken for about 10,000 – 15,000KRW. Seriously, it has better value and probably equal to better taste (at least the chicken).

Who Should Visit Brew 3.15: Are you lonely? Do you want someone to talk to you… A LOT. You have found your spot.

Who Should Avoid Brew 3.15: Looking for a quiet night with some cheap beer and fried chicken? Try again my friend. Don’t worry, in Seoul, you can literally trip and fall into a fried chicken joint.

A Final Thought: I don’t enjoy writing reviews like this. I honestly don’t. In fact, most of my reviews regarding Dan Gray’s establishments including Brew 3.14 and his Ongo Food Tour (which he is currently no longer affiliated with) were great experiences. But this experience was a fucking headache. I simply can’t understand why you would open up a generic fried chicken joint in the heart of Seoul, the land of fried chicken? You need something that stands apart. You can literally walk anywhere in Seoul and get the same food without the headache. It baffles me, but I wish him luck all the same because the interaction I have had with him through our blogs and social media, he seems like a pretty nice guy. But that said, I think there is a lot of work that needs to be done here.


Beer and Drinks Menu and food small


  1. I’m really sorry about your experience there…but…this review was hilarious. I hope that woman sees it because this is a sincere public service announcement for her behavior.

    1. Thanks Crystal! It was one of the biggest headaches I have ever had at a restaurant.

  2. that chicken portion is small man….
    my fav chicken place is the one in Edae, 9500 for a fuckton of chicken. damn, the only thing i miss about korea.

    1. It was enough for me to be honest with you, but I can see your point! Gotta check that place in Edae 🙂 Thanks Thai!

  3. I laughed out loud at a few of your comments, that girl needs to know when to keep her mouth shut bahaha. That aside, I’d try the ramen crusted chicken, too bad it’s nonexistent now 😦

    1. It was really the only thing I wanted to try. 😢😢😢

  4. so.. you’re saying there’s more than one fried chicken place in Seoul?

    1. I know your shocked Andy but it’s true. It’s damn true.

  5. Golly G · · Reply

    Glad to see such a frank review. It is perplexing why they’d open up a generic place. Maybe they will do something to distinguish themselves this year?

    I have compassion for this young lady though. Some people are so friendly they overwhelm others without realizing it. But anyway we all need constructive feedback, hopefully this helped her be more aware of how to read others as you said.

    1. I don’t have too much compassion to be honest. Maybe she was unaware of what she was doing but with that said you need to know your audience. If you can’t read the body language you have no business serving foreigners let alone sitting down and taking over a conversation.

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