Tayo Kid Cafe – For the Younger Crowd

Hi There! Mrs. DvsLP here! Now that we have two kids, it means that we’re basically covering man-on-man defense. On weekends, I take Logan (our VERY willful, curious and energetic toddler) to local spots where he can run around and explore until he gets too tired, melts down, and we go home to take a nap. If we don’t, our apartment takes a bad hit.  While exhausting, it is fun to watch him figure out and try new things. One favorite spot we found, on the recommendation of a friend, is the Tayo Kids Café, located in Sanggye-dong in Nowon-gu.  I’ve heard there are other locations as well.  We have yet to find any, though we haven’t gone out of our way to find them!

Basic Information:  The Tayo Kids Café is open daily from 10:00am – 8:00pm. It’s 12,000won for two hours but if you sign up for a membership, it’s only 8,000won. As far as I could tell, membership is free. I just filled out a form with our names and phone number.

How to get there: This was tricky using just the map that’s on the pamphlet. It was probably my fault – on the map it shows a four inside a yellow circle. I said to myself, “Duh, yes, line 4. I know that.” What that yellow 4 meant was EXIT 4.  Silly me.

Anyways, Take line 4 (light blue line) to Sanggye Station. Walk out exit 4. There are two stairways, one is immediately to your left. The other one is down a hallway and to the right. Take this one! Follow the hallway and go down the stairs. You will be dumped onto a street. Follow it about 100 meters to the major intersection and turn left. When you get to the next intersection turn right (you’ll cross the street). The building for the Tayo Kids Café is on your right – look up and you’ll see the sign for it on the side of the building.  There’s also a sign above the door of the building it’s in.   Take the elevator up to the fifth floor.
















Atmosphere: As with any kid café, it’s bustling with kids so you can expect a fair amount of noise and running around. That said, it’s designed for just that. The Tayo Kids Café is a toddler/little kid haven of all things Tayo. Each section is named after a major character in the show. For example, there’s a “Situ” space, a “Tayo” space, even a “Bong Bong” space. If you’ve watched Tayo TV show, you know who these characters are. There are loads of activities for your child to partake in.

When you first enter, there’s a climbable display of the four buses from the show with some toddler cars that your child can ride around in.If you continue down the left side, you’ll pass a coloring area, the “sand” pit (I’ll describe that later.), a ball pit, play kitchen area, and an infant area. If you go to the right, you’ll see the birthday room, a kid library, and a nursing room (for all your infant-caring needs). In the middle of this big play space is a jungle gym-type structure. It’s raised above the floor and underneath is a track where kids (and parents, if the child is too young) can drive Tayo buses.

Logan’s favorite area, by far, is the “sand” pit. I use quotation marks because it’s not actually sand but rather these little wooden cuboid things. Personally, my only beef is that they’re quite appealing to eat, as evidenced by Logan putting a handful in his mouth the first time he went in.

He’s fine but it was a heart attack for me and the other parents in the area looked upon us with disapproval.  Oh well. There are digging toys: pails, shovels and the likes as well as toy construction trucks. There are also seats around the edge, presumably for the parents who want to be there to supervise their child.


Where you order - hopefully you can read Korean.  The menu is only in Korean!

Where you order – hopefully you can read Korean. The menu is only in Korean!

Ball shooter - get Bully!

Ball shooter – get Bully!

Ball pit - the slide is a fast one.

Ball pit – the slide is a fast one.


Reading room - a nice, peaceful space with a view of the entryway through those star windows.

Reading room – a nice, peaceful space with a view of the entryway through those star windows.

IMG_1112 IMG_1109

Legos, train tracks and other building toys.

Legos, train tracks and other building toys.

Tayo Table of Fun!

Tayo Table of Fun!

IMG_1013 IMG_1010 IMG_0934 IMG_0932 IMG_0929

There’s a café in the back that features some tables that are Tayo characters. The food is decent and there are Korean as well as western foods. For example, there are a few different kinds of rice dishes but also pizza, chicken nuggets and French fries. There is also a variety of drinks that cater to both adults and children. There are no alcoholic beverages but there are plenty of coffee beverages as well as kid-friendly juices.

Where you order - hopefully you can read Korean.  The menu is only in Korean!

Where you order – hopefully you can read Korean. The menu is only in Korean!

Eating area

Eating area

Logan and I, so far, have tried the pizza, the chicken nuggets, the chicken tenders, and the French fries. They’re decent. It’s nothing too fancy and, as far as I can tell, you can also bring in your own food, if you wish.

 Value: 12,000won for two hours is a great deal given all that’s available for kids to do there. I’ve been to a few kid cafes now and this one is about average in terms of prices. I found the food to be a bit pricier for the quality.

 Who should visit: Anyone with children! Seriously, though, I think most kids, ages two to five will really enjoy this place.

 Who should avoid: Tayo is a show that’s more geared toward toddlers and younger kids. If your kids are, I’d say, first grade and older, this one may not be the best choice for you.  Once you hit five years old, I think it’s a little childish.  Your child would probably like it for a little while but then grow tired of the choices more quickly than the younger/toddler crowd.



  1. can you get a beer though?

    1. I asked that.. Sadly no. But a novel idea.

    2. Being drunk in that place would be epic.

  2. That one looks fun. We’ve just started checking out the kids cafes around town. There’s one in Hannam-dong that’s pretty posh and just recently visited one in the French Village way too overpriced for what they had for the kids to do in my opinion. We seem to only visit the ones when we’re out and about and Ava needs a good crawl/walk around. I haven’t even looked into where the ones near our place are. If I’m ever in Nowon-gu though… this looks like a good one to check out.

    1. It’s a solid option! Jill found it through a Korean friend of ours. Lots of space for the kids to go nuts. 😊😊😊

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