Namu (나무) Kids Cafe in Hagye: Fun for the Younger Kids

It’s cold outside.. Like really cold. So what does that mean? Kids Cafes.. sigh.. Lots and lots of kids cafes. However, on the bright side, you can let your kids burn off some steam in a warm, cozy and safe environment. Namu (which means “tree” in Korean) is a great little kids cafe near Hagye station. Bundle up and head outside! It’s time to go to Namu Kids Cafe!


How to get there:  The easiest way to get to Namu Kids Cafe is to take the subway to Hagye Station (Line 7) and depart from Exit 6. Walk straight for about 100 meters until you get to the intersection. Cross the street. You should be near Junggye Park. Make a left and head towards the big pink building that is attached to the CGV movie theatre. Its on the 5th floor, you can’t miss it.


IMG_8181 IMG_8182 IMG_8180 IMG_8179 IMG_8178 IMG_8177 IMG_8176

What to do at Namu! 

I think every kids cafe in Seoul has to include a standard ball pit. I remember those from the old McDonalds in Canada. However, I forgot how much fun they were. There is also a train that goes around the cafe every hour for the children’s amusement. Other activities include a slide, a video game, one of those weird spinning tree things that the kids hang on to dear life with, a play kitchen, Duplo blocks and various other building materials. The air hockey table was my favourite. I smoked a bunch of Korean kids. Canada: 1 Korea: 0.

IMG_8084 IMG_8087 IMG_8089 IMG_8090 IMG_8091 IMG_8092 IMG_8094 IMG_8095 IMG_8096 IMG_8097 IMG_8098 IMG_8099 IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8102 IMG_8104 IMG_8105

Food and Drink: There is a nice little restaurant attached to the cafe. The menu has both Korean and Western options. Today, we ordered the chicken tenders and fries. The chicken tenders were amazing. The cook actually cut chicken breasts into the strips and breaded them. It didn’t come from a package. I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken tenders came to 17,000KRW, but can be easily shared amongst a group. Just a heads up, the menu is in Korean.

IMG_8169 IMG_8171 IMG_8175

Value: Two hours of playtime costs 7,000KRW per child. The adult gets in free with the kid. So that’s actually a pretty good deal. However, an additional adult is going to cost an extra 3,000KRW. If you go over the two hour limit, its an extra 1,500KRW per 30 minutes. Honestly, its probably one of the cheaper options in the city during the dead of winter. The kids will burn off some steam and be tired for the rest of the afternoon. Also, the food is good! Everybody wins!

Who Should Visit Namu Kids Cafe: Kids between 2 – 6 will love Namu. It’s a fun and safe environment with very friendly owners.

Who Should Avoid Namu Kids Cafe: Any kid older than 6 might get bored. I saw a couple of older kids there and they looked, how do it say it, out of place. When older kids get bored, they start doing stupid shit. My suggestion, take them to see a movie in the CGV attached to Namu and lunch afterwards.




  1. Kim Iwanuk · · Reply

    Looks like fun especially during the winter months!

  2. Nice! Sharing this!

  3. […] Source: Namu (나무) Kids Cafe in Hagye: Fun for the Younger Kids […]

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