Broncos vs Panthers: Super Bowl Sunday 2016 in Seoul

My God, has it really been one year since Pete Carroll had the brain fart of the decade and blew the game for the Seahawks? This year’s matchup pits the old (Peyton “Omaha!” Manning )vs the young (Cam “It was a donation” Newton) and frankly, I think it’s not even going to be close. (More of my prediction later) That said, it’s the Lunar New Year this year and most of us don’t have to work so we can drink all day after the game! Hurrah! Lots of good deals going on in Itaewon and other areas! Keep checking back for updates. I have been messaging owners for the last couple of days and some are still working out their final menus.


Itaewon: The epicentre for the Super Bowl. There are lots of great specials happening, including drink specials and all-day breakfast. Play on playa.

Dillingers: The guys at Dillingers will open the doors at 7:30am and have specials including an all-day breakfast including 2 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, sausage, hash browns and toast for 11,000KRW.

dillingers breakfast

Other specials include: chicken tenders and buffalo tenders for 8,000KRW, a basket of fries for 7,000KRW, Bloody Marys for 6,000KRW, Burgers for 11,000KRW and wings for 9,900KRW. You can’t beat wings for breakfast.

Route 66: The guys at Route 66 have a breakfast plate including scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and toast for 10,000 – 12,000KRW. They are also running a Bloody Mary bar for 7,000KRW and mimosas for 5,500KRW. Panthers and Bronco fans get shots at 4,000KRW! Do me a favour and break out the old Indy Colts Manning jersey and see if that deal still applies.

route 66

The Upper Deck: One of the premier sports bars in Seoul with several big screens and a projector is one of the best places to watch the big game. The doors open at 7am, so set your alarm. The Super Bowl Special is the featured special of the day and includes bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and garlic bread for 10,000KRW.

Upper Deck SB


Rocky Mountain Tavern: For our Canadian peeps, the good people at RMT are opening the doors early in the morning and offering a full breakfast including two eggs, two pieces of bacon, toast and hash browns for 8,500KRW. They also have Double Caesars for 7,000KRW. They are replaying the game at 7pm and their normal daily specials will be served at that time. Pray that they have the American feed to the game, so you aren’t forced to watch shitty Canadian Tire commercials for the duration of the game.

Metropolis: Ahh good old Metro. This was my place for the Super Bowl last year and it did not disappoint. However, it was at the Nowon location and not the Gyeongridan one. That said, I have faith that Metro Gyeongridan will put on a good show. Their breakfast includes toast, one hash brown, 2 pieces of bacon, one sausage and coffee for 10,000KRW. Irish coffees are on special for 7,000KRW! Just toss the regular coffee out and go for the Irish ones all morning, especially if you are a Broncos fan (shots fired).


3 Alley Pub: The good people at 3 Alley Pub are opening their doors at the crack of dawn (6am to be exact) and depending on your night, you may need 3 alley to recharge. Thankfully they have a full breakfast which includes coffee, sausage, 2 eggs, pan fried hash browns, and two 2 pieces of bacon for 10,000KTW. Hot dogs are going for a mere 2,000KRW all day! Money.

3 alley pub3 alley pub full breakfast3 alley pub full breakfast 23 alley pub tv

Sin Bin: One of the best sports bars in Itaewon is getting the party started at 6am. You can have your pick to view the big game on one of 11 HD big screens. Sin Bin has three breakfast specials for all appetites to mop up the spirits from the previous evening.

sin bin

The Field Goal consists of 2 scrambled eggs, 2 sausage or 2 bacon, 2 hash browns and 2 pieces of toast for 9,000KRW. The Meat Lovers omelete (3 eggs) with green peppers, onion and cheddar cheese, 2 hash browns, 2 toast for 10,000KRW. The Touchdown consists of 3 scrambled eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, 2 peameal bacon, 2 hash browns, and 4 pieces of toast for 14 000KRW. Coffee and tea are running for 3,000KRW, Hot Chocolate for 4,000KRW and a nice, refreshing mimosa for 5,000KRW. 

Besides warm beverages to sooth the pains of the cold, bitter winter Seoul mornings, the alcohol will be flowing like the Han on a warm day. Single Bloody Mary’s and Caesars will run 7,000KRW for a single, 9,000KRW for a double and 12,000KRW for a breakfast. The breakfast Bloody Mary and Caesar have 12 ingredients or 13 if you add horseradish. They pride themselves on making a true authentic Bloody Mary and Caesar. Cheers!


“I prefer to drink my breakfast.” 



After the game, stay for the lunch specials. Chicken Wings are on special for 4,000KRW and their boneless brothers are running at 5,000KRW. A warm bowl of chill will set you back 6,000KRW. Lots of deals to be had up the hill.

Sinchon: The west side of Seoul has a few good deals for Super Sunday. Beer O’Clock and Yaletown are conveniently located near Hongdae after a long night of clubbing. Let’s do it.

Yaletown: The good people at Yaletown are having a morning and evening viewing. The morning viewing will include a Superbowl Breakfast with mimosa for 15,000KRW.

yaletownyaletown 2

The evening showing includes a breakfast as well, but also includes lemon zinger cocktails for 5,000KRW, vodka and cranberry for 3,000KRW, and Cass draft beer for 2,000KRW.

Beer O’Clock: Beer O’Clock is warming up the soul with a combo platter of wings and chilli for 10,000KRW and Double Caesars for 7,5000KRW. Sounds like a great way to start the day!

DerekvsLP World Famous Super Bowl Prediction: I don’t think this is going to be a pretty Super Bowl. Vegas has the line favoring the Panthers by 6 points, and right now, I would take that in a heartbeat. It’s going to be easy pickings for Cam as he slices his way through the Broncos’ defence and into the end zone on his way to being named Super Bowl MVP. Last year, I called old man Brady winning it and with a little help from Pete Carroll he did. I can’t say that this year. Youth prevails in Super Bowl 50 and Cam becomes one of the few to win an NCAA National Championship and a Super Bowl.

Final Score: Panthers 35 Broncos 21



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  1. Kim Iwanuk · · Reply

    I hope you are right D! A Panther win would be sweet!

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