Motor City Pizza in Itaewon – The Best Thing to Come Out of Detroit Since Slim Shady

Slim summarizes my reaction when I tried Motor City for the first time last month in this infamous gif. So overwhelmed by pizza goodness, I couldn’t speak nor comprehend my whereabouts.


Yeah, it’s pretty fucking amazing. Let’s dive right into it.


How to get there: Motor City Pizza is right on the main strip, so it’s easy enough to find. Take the subway to Itaewon Station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 4. Walk straight passing Marley Coffee, various adjosshis trying to sell you suits, and you’ll see a giant, distinct foot in the distant on your left about three stories up. That’s Mr. Foot, which is in the same building as Motor City pizza and Lobster Bar. Motor City is on the second floor.


Service and Atmosphere: Motor city is located on the second floor of the main street in Itaewon, with seating located near the windows. LK and I snagged a couple of those seats which made for great people watching this day. The interior is dark and industrialist, how one might picture a cafeteria during the industrial revolution. That said, the chic bar in the middle of the dining area sticks out and the comfy booths at the far end of the restaurant balance out the industrial feel. Service was topnotch. LK and I received our apps in a timely manner and the staff was very friendly and accommodating, just like the servers at the all-night Dennys outside of 8-mile.

Food and Drink: Today LK and I had the Jackson 5, The Classic, Manimal BBQ Chicken Wings and a couple of Cokes. I had a cocktail at the end, but I forget what it was to be completely honest, but it tasted like a mojito

Manimal BBQ Chicken Wings (11,000KRW): If you’ve ever been to Manimal in Itaewon you know they know their meats. The meat gods shine brightly on that little BBQ restaurant up on the hill intersecting Itaewon and Gyeongridan. Now that they’ve brought some of their goodness to Motor City Pizza, the light shines in a different direction. Living up to the Manimal standard, the chicken wings are everything an appetizer should be. The wings themselves were juicy and tender, and the sauce had just a little kick to it. I loved the smokey flavor of the wings, combined with the cool and creamy ranch dressing. A nice combination of flavors. Pizza and wings baby. Pizza and wings.


The Classic (19,800KRW): A lot of time you don’t need much to serve up a great pie. The classic was so simply delicious that anything more complex would have tainted the pie. A simple combination of pepperoni, cheese and a glob of house red sauce baked perfectly with a crunchy, crispy crust. It was a little greasy, but what pizza isn’t? LK had the Jackson 5, which was good also, but I wanted to horde The Classic all to myself like a gluttonous glob of greed, but alas my generous side broke through my gormandizing ways and I reluctantly shared.


The Jackson 5 (20,000KRW): LK decided to get retro and order the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 consists of bacon, pepperoni, mixed cheese, house red sauce, peppers and ranch sauce. The combinations of all the flavors were quite nice, especially the coolness of the ranch mixed with the heat of the peppers. I loved the house red sauce, tarty with a little bit of heat. It was solid, but I still preferred the Classic more.

This is LK’s review in her own words. She has been back multiple times since the soft opening. Enjoy!

Pro: “I liked the pizza. It was true to Detroit style. Tasted great and was nostalgic for me.”

Con: “It was too small. The pizzas I have had since after the soft opening have less cheese, a very small amount of cheese.”

You be the judge gentle reader.


Value: The overall bill with the mystery drink came to roughly 70,000KRW. Personally, I think the value is there. You could argue that the pizzas are on the smaller side, but the quality of ingredients and the pride they put into their pies is evident with each bite. If you’ve been a reader of mine for awhile, you know that I will gladly substitute quality over quantity.

Who Should Visit Motor City Pizza: Detroit people in need of a little fix of home or pizza connoisseurs will be pleasantly pleased.

Who Should Avoid Motor City Pizza: No veggie pizza for you vegetarians, but they do have vegetarian options on the menu. Also, LK does make a good point about the size of the pizza. We finished both pizzas and wings and left content. A large party might be underwhelmed by the size. Please keep that in mind if ordering for a large party.




  1. food looks pretty good but am I the only one who really wants to know more about Mr Foot Massage?

    1. lol Andy if i were you buddy I would avoid googling “Mr. Foot” in any public space. I’m just saying. 🙂

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