Rye Post in Itaewon – Cooking up Some Juicy Beefcakes

Rye Post, a modern day example of culinary renaissance. First, Rye Post perfected the modern sandwich in the land known for kimchi and bibimbap. Now, for their most recent accomplishment: mastering the American cheeseburger. And a damn fine job they did.


How to get there: Here is a link with pictures to get to Rye Post! If you are too lazy to click on that link and want a quick 411, so be it. Take the subway to Itaewon Station and depart from Exit 4. Walk about 250 meters and Rye Post is on your left under Dillingers.

Food and Drink: Today we ordered The All American, The Texan and an order of Philly Cheese Fries. Oh yeah, and a couple of Cokes.

The All American (9,500KRW): As I mentioned in my Instagram post, the All American does all the small things right without overcompensating on anything. The patties were cooked perfectly, and the cheese was layered between them and melted nicely. The bun was made fresh that day and all the ingredients consolidated and complimented each other. This is the burger that fills you up nicely right before bed after a long night of soju and beer.


The Texan (9,500KRW): Mr. Erik had The Texan which is comprised of two beef patties, cheddar and swiss cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon, mayo and beer-battered onion rings. Once again, the freshly baked bun was soft and provided a nice foundation to the burger. The BBQ sauce was tangy, but it worked well with the beer-battered onion rings. Erik enjoyed the Texan, but wishes he went with a more traditional burger, as I was raving about The All American.


Philly Cheese Fries (9,800KRW): The Philly Cheese fries were a perfect starter. Erik and I split them, but we could have easily ordered our own. The “fries” weren’t traditional “French fries” but more along the line of potato crisp, like the ones mom used to toss into the oven with some fish sticks on a Tuesday night. Now, with that said, there was nothing wrong with the fries at all, on the contrary, they were quite well done. The crisps were fried to a golden brown, and topped generously with Philly steak. My only criticism would be that I wish they put some more cheese on top. Overall, a solid starter and great compliment to the burgers.


Overall Value: This is one of the most satisfying lunches you will have for under 20,000KRW in Itaewon. Sometimes when a restaurant branches out into new territory, they tend to overcompensate by overdoing their new menu item with fancy flavours, and gimmicky recipes to induce a “buzz” about their new item. Rye Post doesn’t give a shit. They just took quality ingredients and created simple, classic American comfort food. Well done Rye Post. *tips hat*

Who Should Visit Rye Post: Don’t know whether to have a sandwich or burger for lunch? Guess what friend? You’ve come to the right place.

Who Should Avoid Rye Post: No veggie or vegan burgers. Sorry my green friends.

Updated Menu: 



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