Mozzie in Itaewon – Mozzie! Mozzie! Mozzie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

I want to go out on a limb here and say that was my best title ever. So up on a hill full of lust and a country bar with cheap drinks, sits Mozzie, a New Zealand restaurant located inside the ITW Hotel. With lamb shanks, sausages and steaks galore, Mozzie hit the Spotzie (hahaha… uhh..)


How to get there: The easiest way to get to Mozzie is to take the subway to Itaewon Station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 3. Walk for about 250 meters until you see Mr. Kebab and make a right. You will see Club Zion (Great Ethiopian food) and make a left up that hill. That is known locally as “Hooker Hill”. Be sure to smile and wave to the ladies of the night as you climb the hill. Mozzie is located in the ITW Hotel is about halfway up on your left across from Old Town and the bar formerly known as Friends Bar (RIP).


Service and Atmosphere: Han and I had the place basically to ourselves as we arrived late on a Sunday night. The first thing we noticed about Mozzie was that the lights were dim and the music was fairly relaxing. It has a romantic and casual feel, even though the interior is quite modern and fresh. There is a terrance outside for your summer enjoyment. A wide selection of liquors and wines, it could be easy to lose yourself in a deep conversation. Service was topnotch. The manager came over, made some small talk and recommended some items on the menu. The food was prepared and served in about 20 minutes.


Food and Drink: Today we ordered the Roasty, Toasty Garlic Bread, Manuka Honey Garlic Wings, Great Barrier Fish and Chips and Lamb Shank Redemption.


Manuka Honey Garlic Wings (10,500KRW): Call me a townie, but I don’t think there is a better way to start a meal than with chicken wings. Han and I ordered the chicken wings. Although the wings were predominantly sweet, they had a nice little kick to them. Juicy and tender, the chicken fell off the bone and into my gullet.


Roasty Toasty Garlic Bread (6,500KRW): Han and I each ordered an appetizer. I ordered the chicken wings and she opted for the garlic bread. Now, when one thinks of garlic bread, the image that comes to mind isthat yellow, greasy paste spread on the top of some stall bread the cook found in the bottom of the breadbasket. Mozzie clearly thought that too, so they decided to bake a warm, fresh baguette with actual cloves of garlic to paste on the bread. Picture a garlic bread that has evolved into a new, more advanced species of garlic bread which makes other garlic breads look like a primordial species of garlic bread. I rest my case.


Lamb Shank Redemption (34,500KRW): The Lamb Shank Redemption is arguably one of the most hearty meals I have eaten in Korea. Seriously, had I eaten this platter of food for lunch I would have been in a coma on my couch watching Flight of the Concords for the rest of the day. Luckily late at night, it was the perfect meal before bed. Let’s start with the lamb shank. The lamb shank was tender, in so much that it feel off the bone. The gravy was interesting. It was not a traditional brown gravy, common in pubs across Europe and North America, but a sweeter gravy with a reddish hue to it. I felt it complimented the lamb shank better than a brown gravy would. The roasted potatoes were nicely seasoned and the peas.. well they were just peas. If you are watching your weight or you can’t eat a copious amount of meat, you can get a smaller serving for 29,500KRW.


Great Barrier Fish and Chips (16,500KRW): Han ordered the fish and chips on the advice of the server, whom informed us that the chips were hand cut and seasoned in house. The fish is beer battered and Han did mention it gave it some extra flavour. I personally couldn’t taste it, but my palate was already on overload with lamb shanks. The fish fillet itself was fluffy, but crispy on the outside and came with a generous portion of tartar sauce. The fries exceeded the hype. They were fantastic! They were crisped to a golden brown and seasoned generously.


Value: The whole meal with a couple of Cokes came to approximately 70,000KRW. This could be a little much for the budget traveller, but considering the lamb shank at 34,500KRW comprised of almost 50% of the bill, there is value to be found in the various menu items at Mozzie. That said, I think the lamb shank was the best item on the menu and since the lamb is from Australia, and is fresh, I have no problem paying for that.

Who Should go to Mozzie: People from Australia and New Zealand looking for a fix from the homeland can roll into Mozzie.

Who Should Avoid Mozzie: Could put a dent in the wallet. Lots of cheap eats in Itaewon to be found for the budget traveller.




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