Cre8 Cookies – Cre8ing Warm, Chocolately Goodness in Gyeongridan

You know that warm comforting feeling of baking chocolate chip cookies in the fall? A moment that can recall thousands of different memories for millions of people? Cre8 Cookies in Gyeongridan will create that moment for you. Don’t tell grandma.


How to get there: Cre8 Cookies is a bit of a hike, but well worth it once you arrive. The easiest way to get there is to take the subway to Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) and depart from good old Exit 2. Head down the hill with the Yongsan Military Base on your right and step down in the underpass. Go through the tunnel of death and depart at the “Financial Management Corp” exit and make an immediate right at the heavily guarded building beside the church. Walk up that hill for a good 500 meters and make a right once you get to “Nice to Meatball You”. Nice To Meatball You is across the street from Namsan Chemistry. There is a small alley in front of Nice to Meatball You Just make a right down that small alley and Cre8 Cookie is on the left.


Service and Atmosphere: I don’t really like to use “cute” to often when describing a restaurant, or in this case a cafe, but with a plethora of pink and a neon sign that says “Let’s Dough It!” on top of one of the kindest, quirkiest servers I have ever encountered, I will just summarize it as “cute”. I ordered 12 cookies with 10 to takeout and 2 to eat in the cafe. The cutest server in Gyeongridan reheated my M&M cookies and poured me a glass of strawberry lemonade in about 5 minutes. The cafe is a little small, I don’t know if bringing a large party there just yet would be a wise decision. Keep it personal.


Food and Drink: Today I ordered 10 cookies to take home to the wife and kiddos and 2 to eat in house. I  also ordered a strawberry lemonade to wash it all down.

The Cookies (1,900 per cookie; 12 cookies receive a 5% discount): The cookies are seductively laid out on a counter as you walk in. There were four types of cookies and I ordered three of the four: M&Ms, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter. The other type was a coffee flavoured cookie I believe but don’t quote me on that. There was no signage. The M&M cookies I ate in the cafe with a mug of cream. There is something wholesome and playful about dipping a warm chewy cookie in the cup of cream. The whole experience was reminiscent of going to Grandma’s house after school and having a plate of freshly baked cookies and milk waiting for you on the porch. Ahh childhood, where did you go?


Strawberry Lemonade (4,800KRW): A big refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade hit the spot on a hot Seoul afternoon. Cre8 Cookies uses fresh strawberries in their lemonade. I love the tartness of lemonade with the sweetness of the strawberries. Well done Cre8 Cookies!


Value: My whole bill came to roughly 27,000KRW which included 12 cookies, and a large strawberry lemonade. The milk was complimentary (Thanks!). Some might find this to be a bit much, but to be honest, these were the best cookies I’ve eaten in Seoul. I would go back and gladly pay this amount for another dozen.

Who Should Go to Cre8 Cookies: Craving great cookies like grandma used to make? She has them at Cre8 Cookie.

Who Should Avoid Cre8 Cookies: Cre8 Cookies is not the biggest cafe in the area, so avoid going with large groups. You can probably max out at four. Since Cre8 Cookie is new to the scene, I am assuming they are still developing their menu. It’s currently a pretty simple menu. If you are looking for more diversity there are other spots in Itaewon such as “Sugar Daddy”.



  1. You guys left ROK? How tragic for all of us…. Wishing you much happiness & success wherever you are now!

    1. Yep. Left in December.

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