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Sid Burger Minis at City Hall – Burgers! Get in my Belly!

Sid Burger Minis is the brainchild of Sid Kim, one of the co-owners of Vatos, one of the most popular Mexican – Korean restaurants in Seoul. He is also the creator of the very delicious (and massive) Sid Burger! Anyway, he has ventured out to start his own enterprise, Sid Burger Minis. After three months […]

허수아비 돈까스 aka Scarecrow – Japanese-Style Donkasu in Jung-gu

No journey to the Canadian Embassy is complete without a little trip to 허수아비 돈까스 in Jung-gu, near Seodaemun Station. 허수아비 돈까스 is Korean for Scarecrow Donkasu. Donkasu is actually a Japanese dish (Tonkatsu (豚カツ, とんかつ or トンカツ), which consists of breaded pork and cheese. It is normally covered with a dark, thick sauce which is comparable to Worcestershire  sauce with […]