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[misc] A memorable field trip to Naver

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Let’s be honest here folks how many of you can go a day without using google? I know that I certainly am a perfect example of google effect judging only from the way I set google search as my homepage. As hard as not using google may seem,…

Yongsan Electronic Market and Around – Hunting for the PS4 in Seoul

Well, now that Christmas has come and gone, and the new year is upon us, it’s time to reflect on our gifts this holiday season! If you didn’t get what you want, and have a little extra Christmas money hanging around, it might be time to invest in the next generation of gaming consoles. I’m […]

Christmas Dinner at DerekvsLP 2013- Santa would be proud or have heart disease.

It has been awhile since my last post. The holidays are especially busy around here with a newborn, but we still found time to cook up a feast for Christmas. Last year, we cooked for about 20 people, but this year because of the new guy, we decided to just cook for three. That said, […]

Rules of Korean Dining – Fact versus Fiction

If you have lived in Korea for quite sometime, you’ve probably had an at least one socially awkward moment when eating with the natives. My first time at Kimbab Cheonguk (김밥 천국), I put my chopsticks in the bibimbap, causing an uproar at the tables around me. So, to avoid daggers piercing your inner soul, […]

Gobble Gobble! It’s turkey time in the ROK.

It’s that time again! Turkey season is in full force. Now back in North America, turkeys are pretty easy to find. However, in the ROK finding Tom Turkey can be a little tricky, and you might end up having Thanksgiving and Christmas with Charlie Chicken. That said, there are a few options of acquiring a […]

Minding Your Korean Manners – Fact versus Fiction

It’s been a week since my last post. My apologizes. Crunch time in regards to baby, school and work. However, I have some holidays coming up for the baby’s birth, so hopefully the wife will let me sneak away to do a couple of reviews 😉 Ahh.. the Lonely Planet section on Korean manners at […]

Seoul taxi fares now start at 3000WON

Well, I guess we knew it was inevitable. The super cheap taxi fares of Seoul have officially been raised to 3000WON starting October 12th. A word of warning, you won’t see the charge on the meter in the taxi just yet. Your driver will add an extra 600WON. This was a confusing at first and […]

Seoul immigration Office has moved to Jonggak Station

A cold is brewing, so I would like to apologize in advance for the poor grammar, spelling and in general apathy of this post. This post mainly concerns people who live and teach in Seoul. Every year, I get the opportunity to feel like I’m back in North America by heading down to the Seoul […]