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A Weekend in Mokpo – Day 2 – Namupo 나무보 (Wooden Bowl)

Never underestimate the importance of naps while you travel. In the final hours of the weekend, we decided to head back to the F1 Hotel for a little nap before heading out to eat. Since the weather was still sputtering, it was nice to get into the air conditioned room for a little dream making. […]

A Weekend in Mokpo – Day 2 – Mokpo Natural History Museum

And the rain continued to pour. After touring the National Maritime Museum for a bit, we decided to head over to the Mokpo Natural History Museum, which was thankfully right across the street. The museum is welcoming, and is clearly marked because of the random statues of animals on the premises. Also, their sign is […]

A Weekend in Mokpo – Day 2 – National Maritime Museum

Rain. Rain. Go away. Come again on Monday. Our original plan was to hop over to one of the islands near Mokpo (Hongdo and Heuksando) but the weather wasn’t cooperating, and we underestimated the time. One piece of advice: if you want to head over to the islands, I would give yourself more than a […]

A Weekend in Mokpo – Day 2 – Old Man and the Sea

Day two in Mokpo began with a simple and cheap breakfast from the GS25 downstairs by the hotel. Word of advice: There are not too many breakfast options in Mokpo that I saw, especially near the F1 Hotel. However, prepackaged and processed baked goods, a couple of cartons of chocolate milk and some OJ was […]

A Weekend in Mokpo – Day 1 – Newyork Newyork – The day comes to an end.

Feeling disappointed and unfulfilled as we left House Filled with Happiness, basic human instinct took over: hunger. I was starving, my wife was starving and so was the little guy. At this point in time, we just wanted something familiar. We walked over to a nearby CU store and collected our thoughts. We noticed the […]

A Weekend In Mokpo – Day 1 – House Filled with Happiness

A House Filled with Happiness is what inspired me to create this blog. Before arriving in Mokpo, I was reading up on restaurants in the area. The one that caught my eye (mainly because it was Lonely Planet’s “Top Choice”) was House Filled with Happiness. Jill and I decided to check it out on day […]

A Weekend In Mokpo – Day 1- Arriving at the F1 Hotel

I don’t really know why my wife and I decided to go to Mokpo. I’ve heard good things, and some bad things. To be honest, my expectations weren’t that high. I just wanted to get out of the city for a bit, and get some fresh air by the sea; which was accomplished the second […]