Gobble Gobble! It’s turkey time in the ROK.

It’s that time again! Turkey season is in full force. Now back in North America, turkeys are pretty easy to find. However, in the ROK finding Tom Turkey can be a little tricky, and you might end up having Thanksgiving and Christmas with Charlie Chicken. That said, there are a few options of acquiring a bird for this turkey season.



Well, the number one option and the most affordable is to have a contact on base who will purchase a turkey for you. I’ve heard that you can get a turkey for anywhere between $10 – $20 US dollars. So if you have GI Joe or Jane for a friend, get him or her to pick you up one.


Ahh, I’m going to get crucified by some for this suggestion. High Street Market is like a drug dealer when it comes to turkeys. Their service leaves little to be desired. Their delivery guys are assholes, and show up whenever they feel like. Last year, I had my Christmas turkeys dumped outside in the snow. This was after he called my cell phone screaming at me in Korean because I wasn’t home. Thankfully, we have a really nice security guard who read the label and put it aside for us until my wife got home.

Now that said, High Street has some excellent holiday options but you are going to pay.. ohh how you will pay. The first option is the full course turkey dinner with all the sides (mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and green beans and of course pie for dessert. You can also get a ham, prime rib, duck, pork  and a leg of lamb for extra. The prices ranges from 105,000KRW – 175,000KRW. Check out their website for full menus and availability. 

This is where I picked up my turkey without the meal. To save money, we usually get a pork from our local butcher for half the price. This year we paid 130,000KRW for two turkeys.


3) Costco Korea

Another option is Costco. If you can make it to the super duper center then by all means go. However, you can also get Costco turkeys delivered to your house. Their turkey will put you back 63,000KRW and will take 2 – 3 days for delivery. If they are out of stock (which as it gets closer to the deadline) might be a possibility, they will refund your money in WON. Check out their website for more information.

4) John Cook Turkey

John Cook turkeys is another option and also has a delivery service. For 99,000KRW they will delivery a fully roasted turkey to Seoul and surrounding areas. This delivery also includes the cranberry sauce. Another option is to order a frozen turkey for 69,800KRW (cranberry sauce included). I’ve never ordered from John Cook, but I have heard good things about his turkeys. The only thing that can cause some frustration is that their website is in Korean. However they do have an English phone number for you to call. Also, you need to pay via bank transfer. This is common in the ROK, but also requires me to get off my ass and head to the bank. Personally, I just like ordering from my credit card and having it shipped.

Anyway, check out their website for full details.


If there are any other options, please feel free to comment below. Enjoy your holidays!

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