The Baker’s Table in Gyeongridan (Noksapyeong Station) – Great Bread, Huge Schnitzel and German Pastries. PROST!

We weren’t suppose to go to The Baker’s Table. CY and I originally were going to try out the new Romanian restaurant in HBC called Dracula’s Lounge but it was closed for lunch, so we decided to head to The Baker’s Table across the bridge in Gyeongridan. As it turns out, as I was digging into one of the biggest pieces of schnitzel I have ever eaten, we made the right choice.


How to get there: The easiest way to get to The Baker’s Table is to take the subway to Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 2. From there, like so many times before, you will walk down the hill with the army base on your left to the bridge. Cross the bridge and make a quick left, The Baker’s Table is right there.


Does this picture look familiar?

Atmosphere and Service: It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but when you walk into The Baker’s Table, your nose is instantly filled with the warm smells of bread and various baked goods coming from the kitchen. It has a homey feel to it, as though you’ve wandered into Aunt Helga’s cottage in Southern Bavaria. The chalkboard menu is a nice touch, and the wines, cooking oils and jams aligned on the walls give it that European touch.

The service was nothing to write home about, but at the same time, it wasn’t bad either. We were actually stuck at a small table, which was covered with various magazines. We had to move them, which was a little annoying. However, the server came over quickly and took our orders, and within a few minutes our food was served. Eventually, another table opened up and moved there without a hassle.


Food and Drinks: CY and I ordered the German Schnitzel, The Fisherman, two Cokes and a coffee. There is also German beer on tap (Bitburger) if you really feel like pulling on your lederhosen. Breakfast was tempting, but at 1pm, I was ready for some meat.


The Schnitzel (14,500KRW): Not like my grandma used to make, but not the worst schnitzel I’ve eaten either. Considering we are 5,000km from Munich, I felt pretty satisfied with the quality of the schnitzel. First, the freaking thing is huge. This GI came up to me as the server was setting down my plate and said, “Damn! That is a big piece of schnitzel!” Yes sir! It easily consumed half of the plate, and the other half had seasoned potato wedges. It was served with a mustard for dipping. There were a few qualms with the schnitzel however. First, it was a little burnt. Nothing to ruin the flavor, but still noticeable. Second, the pork inside was a little fatty and often tough to chew. This was not true for the whole schnitzel, but damn, I had to cut hard through some of the fat. Overall, it was a good dish and made me miss my grandma. Sentimental review is sentimental.


The Fisherman (10,500KRW): CY ordered the Fisherman. The Fisherman comes on a baguette with fried cod and topped with cilantro jam. The following review are his words. The Fisherman was quite good. The fish was pan fried and nicely tender, which paired nicely with the slight sweetness of the cilantro jam. The baguette was fresh of course, considering it came from the bakery. I’ve had it before and I’ll have it again.


Value: The whole lunch came out to approximately 31,000KRW. A good value considering the portions and the quality of ingredients. I really want to try their brunch and compare it to some of the other places around town. Anytime you can have a great lunch for around 30,000KRW, its a good place. I would recommend this place. Let me know how their breakfast is and leave a comment below.

Who Should Visit The Baker’s Table: If you are looking for a little taste of Deutschland this is a place you should try. Also, The Baker’s Table had some excellent selections of breads and pastries. Give it a try.

Who Should Avoid The Baker’s Table: It was a little small and can get packed in a hurry. I would avoid this place if you have a large party. Also, the prices might be a little steep for food for some budget travelers. There are tons of cheaper options in Itaewon and in HBC for breakfast.



  1. wait wait… bist du Deutsch? lol
    yeah schnitzel is always freaking huge @@
    I used to like the Baker’s Table because who doesn’t? I mean look at those real rustic bread. But the price is pretty, well, ‘niche’?
    I’m coming back to Deutschland this beginning of May. Got to stock up on pretzels and blood sausages.

    1. If you are going to the motherland, hook a brother up with some apple strudel and some mulled wine.

  2. nice been looking at trying this place, always get different comments from different people when i head there, so will have to drop in and see for myself ~ keep em coming lol always looking at other places to try ~

    1. I would like to see how breakfast is there. Check it out and let us know!

  3. I’m not sure about the name, but the butter bread is good, it’s the one next to the carrot cake in your photo.

    1. Homemade bread is a culinary simplicity that tastes like a masterpiece.

      1. Well said! I love these bakeries.

  4. I love the Bakers Table for brunch and basked goodies! Soooo yummy!

    1. Great place! If you want some great brunch check out The Honey Bowl in Hongdae! My wife and I love that place before we head to the market!

      1. Oooh! Thank you! I haven’t heard of Honey Bowl, I will need to check that out too. Open to any suggestions.

  5. […] niche places like Hongdae’s excellent Publique Bakery and my old neighborhood favorite, Baker’s Table in Kyungridan. Baked goods, too, run the gamut. The latter places sell goods that could be found […]

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