Wolmido Park (월미도 공원) in Incheon – A Serene and Calming Walk on a Summer’s Day

After an a day of bustling Chinatown, we decided to take it down a notch and head to Wolmido Park in Incheon. Wolmido was an actually an island that has been connected to Incheon and is now marketed as a leisure area of Incheon. Wolmido has multiple restaurants, an observatory, an amusement park, love motels and various other recreational facilities to satisfy your fun factor.


LP’s Description: The guidebook makes reference to the fact that Wolmido was the location of a military base and was the site of the Incheon Landing Operation which changed the tides of the Korean War. It also makes references to the various things to do on Wolmido including the love motels :). Finally, it mentions the Korean Emigration History Museum and the Wolmi Observatory.

How to get there: As of this writing, there is not a subway that goes to Wolmido Park, but that is going to change in the near future as a monorail is currently being built in time for the Asian Games set for September 2014. So for now, you need to take the subway to Incheon Station (Line 1) and then either take a bus or a taxi. I personally would recommend a taxi because it is quick, convenient and cheap (3500KRW from the station). However, if you are strapped for cash, take either buses 2, 15, 23, or 45.


Monorail… Monorail…. MONORAIL!!! Coming soon.

Strolling Around: Wolmido is perfect for an afternoon stroll. The park is quiet and peaceful. The waterfall is beautiful and the gardens are full of flowers and other vegetation. For a few minutes, it feels as though you’ve left the urban jungle and stepped back in time to a simpler age. Jill and I pushed the stroller around with ease and Logan seemed to fall asleep peacefully. One of the more peaceful strolls I’ve had in Korea.


Yangjindang (양진당): Built in the 17th Century by Gyeomam Ryu, Woon Ryong, and Seong Ryong, Yangjindang is the largest head of house in Bukchon. The main house is centered inside the gates with a guesthouse in the back and gatehouse to the East. There are also two shines located in the Northeast part of the house. According the literature, most of the houses and gates have been renovated by the park.



Continuing on to Seoseokji (서석지) and around: Seoseokji was created in 1610AD and 1636AD by Jeong Yeong Bang (정영방) and was a courtyard for the high house of Byeolseo. The courtyard consists of ponds, various stone fences and gates, and of course flowers and gardens.


Deer jail: I’m not an advocate of confining animals into small spaces and unfortunately Wolmido Park has a few deer that are confined into such quarters. If your kids really want to see a deer in its most unnatural habitat stop by here.


What word is missing here? Hint: It’s key to understanding this sign.


Food and Drink: Not much to eat around here besides a GS25. There are tons of dining options outside of the park and I would advise eating there. Western food appeared to be limited, so if you are craving something from Americatown, you’d best head back into Incheon.

Value: A great way to kill a few hours without spending money. If you are on a budget, especially with a large family, this might be a place to check out to save a little cash on the vacation. The walk was super easy with a stroller so bringing an infant or toddler here would be no problem. Looking for a good hike? Try climbing up to the observatory.

Who Should visit Wolmido: Those looking for a nice, quiet and relaxing stroll around the park with some interesting architecture thrown into the mix.

Who Should Avoid Wolmido: If the kids are looking for rides and carnival shenanigans this might not be the place for you. Don’t fret! There is an amusement park nearby.

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