Casablanca Sandwicherie Revisited – The Moroccan Sandwich Reigns Supreme

Has it really been almost a year since my first taste of Casablanca? That hazy night was full of culinary greatness and drunken shenanigans. Now, one son later, we returned as a family to catch up with an old friend. Like an old friend, we picked up right where we left off.


How to get there: The easiest way to get to Casablanca Sandwicherie is to take the subway to Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) and depart from Exit 2. You will walk down the hill with the army base on your left. Once you get to the bottom, continue left at the kimchi pots. You will need to walk about 500 meters up the hill. Casablanca will be on your left.


Service and Atmosphere: Definitely not the biggest place in the world, so I would avoid bringing a large party if at all possible. That said, it has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with an excellent view of HBC perfect for people watching. A calming cream and rustic interior with pictures of the motherland on the walls and the stars hanging from the ceiling adds a quirkiness to the calming atmosphere.  The service was great. The brothers Naciri are easygoing and laid back dudes, who put up with my drunk shenanigans and still let me back in. The food is served promptly after ordering and is always fresh. It is just a great place to chill and enjoy a beer and a sandwich before heading out for the evening.


These guys are fucking magic.

These guys are fucking magic.

Food and Drink: Today we ordered the Moroccan Chicken Sandwich, the Berber Omelette, the Lentil Soup, a Coke, a couple of bottles of water.

Moroccan Chicken Sandwich (6,000KRW): I still can’t believe this is only 6,000KRW. The Moroccan Chicken Sandwich is their signature sandwich. It is stuffed full with marinated chicken, lettuce, pickle, fried mash potato balls known as “maakouda” (Yep, you heard me, fried mashed potatoes on a sandwich and its awesome) and finally a little mayo and spicy sauce. Last time, I was here, the sandwich was a little too hot for my liking and I asked them to tone it down, which they did and hit the perfect flavor note for my weak, six-month old, tongue. Finally, the bread. This bread is some of the softest and freshest bread I have ever had. I swear to God it was still warm when it was placed on the table. This is the real deal. All these flavorful and fresh ingredients combine to make one of the best sandwiches in the city.


Berber Omelette Sandwich (6,000KRW): Jill had the Berber Omelette Sandwich. A traditional preparation of ingredients native to Northern Africa, the Berber Omelette Sandwich had a nice mixture of flavors that complimented each other well. The lamb was tender and juicy with a little hint of spice. The maakouda (fried mashed potatoes) were layered on top of the lamb. Of course, there were fresh veggies, mayo and a little bit of spicy sauce. The bread again was fabulous. Overall, one of the best sandwiches Jill said she has ever had in Seoul.


Lentil Soup (2,000KRW): I don’t know where you can get a spoon full of soup for 2,000KRW in this city, let alone a bowl. Although the soup wasn’t the biggest in the world,  for 2,000KRW it was packed full of flavor. The first thing that pops out is the cumin.  The cumin and the cilantro sprinkled on the top complimented  the earthiness of the lentils. The lentils were fresh and the soup was served nice and warm. Overall, a nice little side dish for a couple of bucks.


Value: Overall, the whole bill came to approximately 20,000KRW. I honestly don’t know a better place to find this type of value for lunch in Seoul. The sandwiches were fantastic and the lentil soup was a nice complimentary side dish. Considering we had visited Greek on the Grill and left with still some grumbling in our stomachs, this was a refreshing change. Needless to say, we will be back for third, fourth and probably a hundred more times before we leave Seoul.

Who Should Visit Casablanca: Looking for an excellent sandwich and soup at a value price? Look no further my friend.

Who Should Avoid Casablanca: There are only 8 menu items. If you are looking for a diverse and expanded menu, there are other places to go to around HBC and Gyeongnidan (The Baker’s Table for example). However, what they have on their menu, they have truly mastered and I highly doubt you will be disappointed.



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