Ring the Alarms! Firebell in Gangnam is Smoking!

Hope the summer is treating you well! My family has left me by myself for a few weeks and heading back to the land of red, white and blue, so that means a little more free time to write and explore the Korea. Last week, I finally decided to go head down south of the river to Gangnam and try a local legend which doesn’t nearly get the praise it should. Firebell was firing on all cylinders.


How to get there: One of the reasons it took so long for me to finally visit Firebell was that I couldn’t grasp exactly how to get there. It’s a little out of the way from the exit, but once you find it the first time it’s easy to find your way back. First, go to Hanti Station (Bundang Line) and depart from Exit 1. There will be a massive Lotte Department store. Pull a 180 and turn right with the Lotte on your righthand side. Walk for about 10 minutes until you reach Seolleung-ro 72 gil and make a right. You will see a Pizza Hut and Nescafe shop on the same corner. Walk for about 2 minutes and Firebell is on your right in a small red building.


Atmosphere and Service: Firebell is a small, cozy little diner, so I would not recommend coming with a large group of people, especially during peak hours such as lunch or dinner. We arrived around 1:30pm and it was still packed. Keep that in mind before venturing out. With an open kitchen, the aroma of grilling meat arouses the juices in the pit of your stomach. There are also an exceptional amount of condiments for you to choose from, including Malt Vinegar, a Canadian classic. Service was solid. The guys were very friendly and received our food in a timely manner. No complaints at all.


Food and Drink: A feast for the ages. Today we ordered The Rookie, The Dr. Leo, Ranch and Bacon Fries, an Oreo Milkshake, a Peanut Butter Milk Shake and two Cokes.

The Rookie with a double patty (10,900KRW): Since this was my first time at Firebell, I thought that this burger was appropriate. The first thing that stood out was the patty. The outside of the patty was seared, locking in the flavor .It was well seasoned with a generous portions of sautéed onions to give it a little sweetness.


Dr. Leo (9,000KRW + 4,000KRW with fries and soda): AL had the Dr. Leo which is a classic American burger topped with American cheese, romaine lettuce, bacon, onions, pickle and thousand island sauce. Similar to the Rookie, the burger had all the juices seared in which provided ample amount of flavor.


Ranch and Bacon Fries (8,000KRW): Ranch and bacon. Two things that make the world a better place. Have you skipped down to the pictures yet? Of course, no one actually reads this drivel. It’s real mother fucking bacon yo. Yep, none of that dehydrated, get-stuck-in-your-molars shit. It’s the real deal and it was amazing. The fries weren’t too shabby either. They were fried to a crispy, golden brown and seasoned just slightly with salt. Bravo Firebell, bravo!


Peanut Butter Milkshake (5,500KRW): I had the peanut butter milkshake to finish this feast. Smooth, creamy with chunks of peanut butter, I couldn’t imagine finishing the meal on a hot, muggy day any better.


Oreo Milkshake (5,500KRW): AL had the Oreo milkshake and raved about it. Chunks of Oreo cookies blended into vanilla ice cream with a whole cookie on top is the epitome of a cool treat.


Value: The whole meal came to just under 50,000KRW. These included the Cokes, which are not pictured or reviewed, and a side of Mac and Cheese, which unfortunately, I accidentally deleted. There is a lot of value at Firebell. One could easily fill up on a meal for under 15,000KRW if they wanted. The quality is there, and the price is adequate. Thus, I highly recommend a trip.

Who Should Visit Firebell: A burger lover’s haven south of the river.

Who Should Avoid Firebell: Lots of friends? Sorry Mr. Popular, it’s going to be a tight squeeze.




  1. if i am EVER in Seoul you and I are having a burger together Derek, ok?

  2. More and more good burger places in Seoul but Firebell is still the best, in my opinion. Glad you liked it too!

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